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Far Biography

Last updated: 08/13/2002 09:47:50 PM

Far, as with many other bands, was formed with the breaking up and formations of other groups. To start at the top, in 1991 there was a hardcore band from Sacramento, CA named Inner Strength, and Shaun Lopez was the guitarist. Inner Strength broke up in 1991, and Shaun left to join his highschool bud Chris Robyn (drummer) to do more music. They soon found a bassist named Malcolm Keefe; and then found Jonah Matranga (singer) to form Far. Jonah was still in college at Boston when he decided to join the band. So, during the summer of 1991, Jonah left Boston and went to Sacremento. In 1993, the original bassist left, and John Gutenberger entered as the new bassist.

Far became semi-popular in Sacramento and soon recorded their first LP, Quick, in 1994. The LP was popular among the locals, selling over 5,000 copies. Following Quick, In The Aisle, Yelling (a 4-song tape) came out. Also, there was a bunch of 7" that came out during this time period.

In 1996, Far signed with Immortal Records and released their first CD under Immortal, Tin Cans With Strings To You. The CD wasn't successful commercially speaking but did attract more fans (me! for example). In 1998, Far released their third CD, Water & Solutions. The music was a little different from Tin Cans: there was more singing and less screaming and melody was everywhere.

Just when everything was going pretty good for Far, they officially broke up in the spring of 1999. Although the band calls it a break, everyone knew that Far would be no more. Thus, Onelinedrawing was started by Jonah. After some club shows and a couple of MP3s released on, Sketchy EP #1 was born. It pretty much picked up where Water & Solutions left off. Now, Onelinedrawing has hit the road once again.

For more info, check out Far's full discography and listen to sound clips. If you wanna add to this or just have something to say, email me.