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The Psychedelic Ensemble Fantasy Lyrics

Last updated: 11/05/2011 12:00:00 PM

Doctor, I have seen tears falling from on high
And this vision was painted in the sky
Then inside a light I suddenly could hear
The resounding of a music loud and clear
Your perception, speaking strictly clinically,
Seems a kind of twisted abnormality
All the things that you say you see and feel
Are imagined, just a dream that isn't real
Just a symptom of your strong proclivity
For inventing inside creativity
You must hear what I say
Please don't slip far away
Into your dreams
So far away

My creations are as real as they can be
There is more than one world,
Doctor, can't you see?
Though you question all my
Dreams and fantasies
Yours is not the same as my reality

I can't hear what you say
I have slipped far away
Into a dream
So far away