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When Fantasia was a teenager, she got pregnant and dropped
out of high school. When Fantasia had her baby girl people
doubted her and said she would not be able too support her
and her baby girl at all. But she got a job and struggled
to get the things her baby needed such as diapers and
clotihes. A couple of years later Fantasia thought too
herself that when her baby is in high school and she wanted
to see Fantasia's diploma, and Fantasia said she did noit
have one, she wondered what kind of example she was setting
for her daughter. More...

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Review about Fantasia Barrino songs
THANKS | Reviewer: vanetta
    ------ About the song Lose To Win performed by Fantasia Barrino

Thanks so much.This song has really motivated me to move forward in life eventhough I had some really rough times this song is exactly what I was goin through but now I've move on and looking forward to win thanks

wow | Reviewer: tanya'alicia
    ------ About the song When I See You performed by Fantasia Barrino

omg i love, omg, omg this song.. toats amazing wow and you sang it so beautifully i started crying as i was on t=the pathway of happiness. i know all the words an im actually singing it for my audition :)

when i see you im xoxooooo... | Reviewer: ascy facxy houana
    ------ About the song When I See You performed by Fantasia Barrino

the song is very strong when i heard it 4the first time i felt all my soul and body as something mere change because of the power of affection that made me fell. i love that its emmocionally 4all those which luv some1. i believe u fell xoxoxooooo.... thanks 4 the song girl. xoxoxoooo...

I dared to lose to win again | Reviewer: Joan Cross
    ------ About the song Lose To Win performed by Fantasia Barrino

I was brought to tears with this song, it gave me the courage to calmly and collectively walk away from the financial and verbal abuse, i wont lie it hurts to lose but the peace of mind and the hope for a new future makes me look forward to winning.

Thanks Fantasia:)

my dream | Reviewer: Fiona Alcantara
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Fantasia Barrino

i am Fiona a grade 5 student this song makes me cry when my dad goes to another place to work and work hard for us because we are very poor and i hope he's safe because he's doing all of this for me so i could enter in a good school he hopes that i could finish college and work on a bank to become a CPA someday or an singer actress that's why i believe that my parents' dream & my dream will come true...

I messed up | Reviewer: JAD
    ------ About the song Truth Is performed by Fantasia Barrino

We ended our relationship on good terms and agreed to see each other after about 5 yrs. He looks the same but sexier, its proof men get sexier as they age. I was so nervous like a kid on the first day of school. Being with him and coming back to reality, has me really thinking about my life. I never should have gotten married. This is not where I should be mentally or physically.... I need and want him back in my life... back with me...
Truth Is.... I miss and love you JAD

Love conquers everything | Reviewer: Gift
    ------ About the song When I See You performed by Fantasia Barrino

I'm jst gonna plain in honesty,tis is where luv is,luv makes u act crazy n shaking wen it's yo first tym ever de butterflies dnt stop,but still u try 2 b cool,well this song describes me,datz why i give shout 2 Tasia,It's XoXo!!!

I Win | Reviewer: Pamela Carbin
    ------ About the song Lose To Win performed by Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino. Girl u are bad that song touches so many hearts.It bought tears to my eyes it made my heart pound the words are so real for so many women that have been misused and taken for granted because we love so strong so hard And when you really listen to the song it saddened you but at the same time it gives you the Power to move on with a smile.I've lost but at the end I win

cJMLmzKheRaa | Reviewer: Hodeys
    ------ About the song 'Til My Baby Comes Home performed by Fantasia Barrino

I rmonmeecd the book What's a Smart Woman like you doing At Home? It is co-authored by Linda Burton, Janet Dittmer and Cheri Loveless. Here is part of an insightful quote from Linda Burton, after searching for the ideal child care for her children: Slowly, painfully, after really thinking about what I wanted for my children , I came to the stunning realization that the person I was looking for was right under my nose. I had been desperately trying to hire me.

Real love!!!! |Reviewer | 02\23\ 12 | Reviewer: keisha
    ------ About the song When I See You performed by Fantasia Barrino

this song really shows the effects you might have during love at first sight or being in love with someone you show allot of affection to and reactions you might have on that special individual you love so much.REAL LOVE XOXOXO LOVE THIS SONG

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