Fantasia Barrino Albums

  • The Side Effects Of You Album (4/23/2013)
    Supernatural Love
    Ain't All Bad
    If I Was A Bird
    Without Me
    Side Effects Of You
    Get It Right
    So Much To Prove
    Change Your Mind
    Lose To Win
    End Of Me
    In Deep
    Bonus Tracks
    To The Heaven

  • Back To Me Album (8/24/2010)
    I'm Doin' Me
    Man Of The House
    Who's Been Lovin' You
    Collard Greens & Cornbread
    Teach Me
    Move On Me
    Trust Him
    The Thrill Is Gone
    Falling In Love Tonight
    Even Angels
    I'm Here
    The Worst Part Is Over

  • Fantasia Album (12/12/2006)
    Hood Boy
    When I See U
    I Nominate U
    Baby Makin' Hips
    Not The Way That I Do
    Only One U
    I Feel Beautiful
    I'm Not That Type
    Two Weeks Notice
    Surround U
    Bore Me (Yawn)
    Bump What Ya Friends Say

  • Free Yourself Album (11/23/2004)
    Ain't Gonna Beg
    Free Yourself
    Truth Is
    Baby Mama
    Got Me Waiting
    It's All Good
    You Were Always On My Mind
    Good Lovin'
    Don't Act Right
    This Is Me
    I Believe

  • I Believe / Chain of Fools / Summertime Album (6/22/2004)

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    Reviews about Fantasia Barrino albums
    Emotional Masterpiece | Reviewer: Shane
        ------ About the album The Side Effects Of You performed by Fantasia Barrino

    Fantasia has managed to intricately and beautifully weave a fabric that is nothing short of a masterpiece in Side Effects of You. We all know Fantasia can sing but in this album she relaxed, and did not force the listener to jump on the bed, but crafted and eased us on that emotional bed. Fantasia has superbly matured into that voice and has earned the right to be called a Chanteuse enjoy Side Effects of You, it will make you believe in both the rhythm and blues of romance.

    Beautifully Awesome | Reviewer: Thelma Peterson
        ------ About the album The Side Effects Of You performed by Fantasia Barrino

    The title of this amazing song economically speaks for itself,without any introductions. The lyrics are spoken with such ordinary tenderness ,and with great poise, Ms. Barrino,has really worked this with such a remarkable stride ,she has such great ability .She has once again carried on with all emotions within her heart ,her voice is always so amazingly beautiful as ever before, Congratulations Fantasia Barrino, The Side Effects of You!

    fantastic | Reviewer: melai salas
        ------ About the album I Believe / Chain of Fools / Summertime performed by Fantasia Barrino

    she's one of a kind artist, with unique style hope that she still be given a chance to strive her best to be on top again. you can never ever put a good singer down. keep moving on FANTASIA, have FAITH in GOD!!!!!

    ThaTruth | Reviewer: Lillian Curry
        ------ About the album Fantasia performed by Fantasia Barrino

    I tried to listen to this albumn with my sister and a friend of mine on Christmas day (christmas gift) and I couldn't really hear it because we where to busy talking. So i finally got a chance to listen it to it in my car on the 2 hour drive home and let me tell you is tha truth tha whole truth and nuttin but tha truth. I love all the slow jams, not too crazy about some of the faster joints except for HoodBoy and No#2 is my favorite. I really hope they don't start playing it on the radio because they gone wear it out...But for real--good job Tasia you did your thing once again and i will be fan who buys your albumn everytime.

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