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When Fantasia was a teenager, she got pregnant and dropped out of high school. When Fantasia had her baby girl people doubted her and said she would not be able too support her and her baby girl at all. But she got a job and struggled to get the things her baby needed such as diapers and clotihes. A couple of years later Fantasia thought too herself that when her baby is in high school and she wanted to see Fantasia's diploma, and Fantasia said she did noit have one, she wondered what kind of example she was setting for her daughter. So Fantasia went back to school and got a diploma . And proved everybody wrong. She tells teenage mothers who drop out of school to dont give up. Today her little girl is four and is in kindergarden.

Even though millions of people voted Fantasia Barrino as their American Idol, the singer admits that there was a time when she doubted America's fondness for her.

"Towards the end, I didn't think I was going to win, when it was me and Diana [DeGarmo]," the 20-year-old told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

Some of that skepticism crept into her psyche after fellow contestants Jennifer Hudson and La Toya London got the boot. Public discussion centered on whether voters would pick another black singer as their champion. Even Elton John chimed in that their low-vote tallies were racist.

"I didn't think I was going to win," she said. "I don't know why I was thinking [that]. Black people support [one another], but I was like, 'They probably ain't on the phone. [White people] are going to support their peoples.' "

Any concerns about her universal appeal were squashed after she won the contest this year with a 1.3 million-vote edge over DeGarmo.

"Every nationality would come up to me and say, 'I voted for you. I love you.' So I stopped thinking like that," she said.

Fantasia's debut album, Free Yourself, was released last month.

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My Hero | Reviewer: Myisha | 9/23/12

I dont care what people say about her this is my hero and i love her movie i watch it almost everyday she has inspired me to achieve my goals and dreams and that i can still make it. I appreciate her story and everything. I AM HER #1 FAN I LOVE ALL HER SONGS ! GOD BLESS YOU ! i hope you get this and send me something. my email is

Fantasia treat your sons father the way you treated Zion dad | Reviewer: missEdna | 3/19/12

Fantasia get your life together and treat your sons dad like you did Zion dad and put your life in order for your daughter and son god will send you a man that will love you and your children not for what can give him but for what he can give you and your children all the love you could ever want you don't need someone that's not going to be truthful with you Fantasies i have loved your and your voice every snce i saw you on idol Fantasia start by getting some tv appearances and try and get a movie deal and come out with your 4th album show him better than you you can tell them. love you always fantasies much love.

fantasia idolist | Reviewer: shawnniece | 4/4/11

hi fantasia im shawnniece and ive been singing sense ive been 2 and u are a big role model in my life and 1 day i would really like to meet u because in my eyes your great for not giving up when everybody doubted you but u keep doin what u do best and thats being you and i plan to meet u one day love you Tasia...

sapphire | Reviewer: sapphire | 2/9/11

even know people is not happy for u make sure u is happy for your self and the next thing am happy for is because you whenback to school in your teenage life time thats good now u got something to tell your daughter when she get older

You are a role model | Reviewer: Eve | 1/17/11

The movies is so touching Fanty. You taught me something and that is to believe in second chances. And you also said in the movie, 'let them talk, i ain't quiting'. Very strong words Fantasia. Thank you Many God bless you so much

you are charming | Reviewer: mensah | 11/8/10

I recalled the day I returned from the field and sat in the sofa of Community Water and Sanitation Agency Guest House in Kumasi when I saw you and others dancing towards where, I can't tell. But I asked who is that girl in front and I was told Fantasia. I said Whaoo, this girl is charming! That was the first time I heard about the programme American Idol. I do not subscribe to any programme on TV but for this I sat down to watch every bit of the programme to the end. I told those around, "this girl will come out first in the finals". And yes you did. Congrats! Although it is about 6 years ago' your charm still lingers on in my mind. I'm extending my invitation to you to visit Ghana, in West Africa. Fantasia, your charm is a fantacy! Amadeus Mensah Akorli. Accra, Ghana. West Africa

kimmie johnson | Reviewer: kimmie perkins | 8/7/10

i love fantasia barrino sssssssssssoooooooooooo much like omg i cant even explain she is my hero i wish i could meet her one day i love her so much i listen to everythang she sing church song and all like omg and i love her movie so uch i watch it almost everyday when i first saw it i was crying because it really touched me i hope i can be like her one day and just sing my lungs out with wateva im doin I LOVE U FANTASIA!!!!!!!



I been thru ur pain! | Reviewer: Trina | 12/24/09

Hi fantasia im so happy 4 u i seen da movie n im so sorry u went thru it da rape,abuse,cryin n da pain but ur a strong black beautiful woman dat inspire me 2 da upmost n i love u 4 bein u may god bless u n ur family and have a merry christmas!

Fantasia u rock! | Reviewer: Victoria | 5/15/09

hi,im vici from johannesburg,south africa. i only found out who u r when i was watching K MT wit a friend of mine we were drawn by your wonerful yet classical and origional voice. ten after a few days i downloaded your song "when i see u" n im in love with it. thanks 4 your hard n beautiful work God bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!! please come to south africa sometime just to visit and please hav an all night concert.mwah love u!

ms ray | Reviewer: sonya ray | 5/12/09

keep up the good wrong out there. its alot of people into music so dont get discourage about a big music break. its coming real soon and i'll be right there to cheer you on. good luck! p.s. excited for the upcoming album "lets go FANTASIA"!

God bless you | Reviewer: miracle Rosser | 1/23/09

hey, fantasia girl you are a wonderful person and i wont to tell you that you are my believer and you are my friend some people jest dont understand that GOD can make a way for many people because he did it for me when i enter in this world that why my name is miracle. May GOD belss you and keep your head up

Fantasia, fan, fantasy is jst declared | Reviewer: Kedibone | 1/8/09

Hi Fantasia im ur fan get it fantasia i fantasise everytm of being as brave n courageous lyk u gud work keep it up i love u. Im Kedibone 4rm South Africa im 15 yrz i jst luv u . I 2 wana sing hope 1 day u could mentor me 4 da better. Cum 2 South Africa sumtym

God is your boiggest fan | Reviewer: Taylor bradley | 11/4/08

Hi Fantasia I am 9 years old and I think i am a good singer.I want to go to american Idol but i am too shy. i sturter and my friends say it is annoying but i just ignor them and have belife in my self and trust me i am your biggest incredible fan tell your daughter i said hi

inspire me | Reviewer: KHADEJAH | 7/23/08

every since i seen your movie about your life has really set an example in me and other young teens i know. you got pregnant young and still persued his dreams. and since you did thats you is a my role model. and i wanted to thank you for that... much love from me < khadejah > to you < fantasia > **THANK YOU**

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