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The Damned Fan Club Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 12:42:02 AM

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well i'm craving for a cigarette

hey gimme a light

feeling kinda thirsty

gimme somethin' that bites

sure been hangin' round here

for much too long

all you crazy people waitin' for my song

i said


well here i a-am

just another one night stand

anyway i don't know why i'm sad.........

for my fan club

waitin' for my autograph

well you must be mad

standing in the pissing rain

must be a drag

but if that's what you wanna do

i won't say no

and if you wanna see more of me

see me after the show

i said

(repeat chorus)

(solo bit)

you send me pretty flowers

while i'm slashin' my wrists

i'd read those little letters

through my smashed out mists

the dream i shock you

is my nightmare

i'm the freak that's on display

so stand and stare

i said

(repeat chorus)

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