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Agent Ribbons Family Haircut Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2014 06:57:33 AM

Heard you calling in the static of the night
A restless heart is like a satelite
Your'e a needle pulling thread through my eye into my head
And there is nothing at the end
How’d you like an arrow through the heart? She asked
How’d you like some water in a tall tall glass?
And forget that you said yes when she is not your best friend...

Family haircut la-la-la
Family haircut la-la-la

Left you oranges by the altar and I pray
Talked to myself through the night to stay awake
And so I didn’t dream of your face
It’s why I went away
No one could take your place, well I cannot be afraid
In all my days, I’ve never felt this way

Why you’re slipping silver coins upon the rise
Spend ‘em on your dreams and never compromise
But if you never wait I bet you’ll be there to take
All the things you wanted by mistake
She can smell your willing heart like cheap perfume
She hears your blood ringing in a crowded room
But you wish you never had her, little cloak and dagger

Family haircut la-la-la
Family haircut la-la-la
Family haircut, Family haircut
Family haircut la-la-la

Thought she’d leave her mark and make you new again
Those working before that I could mend, I resembled
Being someway that turned to kill your face
That is to say you are grim to take your place
In all my days I’ve never felt this way

La la la la la la..
La la la la la la..
La la la la la la..
La la la la la la..
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