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Family Force 5

The band standing in the Field House at Spring Arbor University on the Heart Support Tour.
Background information
Origin Georgia, United States
Genre(s) Crunk rock [1][2]
Christian rock
Alternative rock
Label(s) Tooth And Nail Records

Website Family Force
Soul Glow Activatur
Chap Stique
Xanadu [Stage Dancer/Van Fixer/Everything Man]

Family Force 5 (often abbreviated FF5, formerly known as The Phamily and The Brothers) is a[3] crunk rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

Family Force 5 has played at Alive Festival, Warped Tour, Creation Festival, Vertical Fest 2008, Lifest, Rock the Light, Joshua Fest, Kings Fest, Lifelight Festival, Ichthus Music Festival, Cornerstone Florida, Portable Sounds, Purple Door, NewDay 2006, Nazarene Youth Conference 2007, Elevation 2008, Enfuego 2007 & 2008, and performed on the Underground stage of Cornerstone Festival in July 2006 and the main stage in 2007.[4] They also played at Rock the Universe in Universal Studios Florida in September 2007 and Parachute Music Festival in 2009. Family Force 5 has appeared on mtvU's "The Freshman Class", DirecTV's CD USA twice (First performing Love Addict, and the second time, Kountry Gentleman), G4's Attack of the Show!, and CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on 14 July 2006.[5] They have also played a concert on the one hour show "Front Row Live" on Gospel Music Channel. They were slated to play at the Tennessee Christian Teen Convention and the Parachute music festival in Hamilton, New Zealand, in January 2009.

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2 Musical style
3 Band members
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3.2 Former members
4 Discography
4.1 Albums
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4.3 Other Releases
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[edit] Musical career
Family force five is a christan based band, focusing on a fun way for teens to worship & a musical enviroment. The music does not concist of any profanity under any circumstances. The three leading members of the band, Soul Glow Activatur, Phatty and Crouton, are sons of Jerome Olds, a Christian artist from the late 1980s. Prior to the formation of Family Force 5, the brothers were members of a "boy band" known as The Brothers, releasing Fact and Reality (1994) and RPM (1995). Both albums were released on Star Song Records, and produced by their father.[6][7]

Between the Brothers and Family Force 5 the brothers had a band called Ground Noise, which they classified as "a really bad version of Third Day."[8] Before the band chose the name Family Force 5, they had taken on the name "The Phamily". They had to change it later due to copyright issues with Prince's band, The Family.

A decade later, the band signed with Maverick Records for distribution to the mainstream market before signing to Gotee Records for the Christian market. The band sought out a dual recording deal in order to better distribute their music to both the mainstream market and the Christian market.[7] According to Soul Glow Activatur, "To me, and pretty much anybody that's under my age, most Christian music is a turnoff. I don't want to be affiliated with that. I want to be affiliated with something that is great music. I feel that Maverick and Gotee together can pull that off."[6]

Their debut album has been both disparaged and praised by Christian and non-Christian critics respectively for not containing overtly Christian content in any of its tracks (with the exception of "Peachy", which was apparently written to convert a friend to Christianity and calls God by name). However, the band often does talk about singing for Jesus during their shows and occasionally one of the members (usually Phatty) leads a prayer at the end of the set.

Family Force 5 contributed the song "Mind's Eye" for the compilation album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute to dc Talk's "Jesus Freak". For Christmas, Family Force 5 released a few Christmas-themed audio blogs. They've also recorded "Grandma", a cover of Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. In March 2007, their debut album was re-released as Business Up Front, Party In The Back: Diamond Edition, which contains three previously unreleased songs.[5] A new unreleased song entitled "Whatcha Gonna Do With It" has been made available for download exclusively at the Wal-Mart music download store as an EP titled Business Up Front/Party In The Back (Diamond Edition) (Exclusive EP).[9] This song will also be made available on a new compilation produced by Gotee Records labeled Hip Hope 2008.[10]

They were the May/June Winner of Yahoo! Music's Who's Next?.[11]

They released an EP entitled The Dance or Die EP to debut three songs from their upcoming album. There are three songs on the EP; "Dance or Die", "Fever", and "Wake the Dead". "Fever" is featured in their most recent concert appearances starting in February where they ended the Heart Support Tour. The full-length album, Dance or Die, received a favorable review in World Magazine.[12]

In January 2009, Family Force 5 played at Parachute 09, a Christian music festival held in New Zealand at the beginning of every year. After an artist interview the band took on the name Whanau Force 5 (Whanau meaning Family in Maori) for the duration of their time in New Zealand. Family Force 5 will be playing on the Alternative Press Tour in early 2009 with 3OH!3, The Maine, Hit The Lights, and A Rocket To The Moon. Also, in mid-2009 the band will once again be performing at the Creation Festival, The Bamboozle, and Ignite Chicago.

The band will debut the remix album Dance or Die With A Vengeance, which features remixes by The Secret Handshake(Dance or Die), 3OH!3, Danger Radio, and others to be announced. [13]

[edit] Musical style
Family Force 5 uses elements of Rap music, post-hardcore, alternative rock, punk rock, and club oriented crunk, electropunk, electronica and nu metal in their music.[14][15][16][17][18].

When asked about their "Love Addict" video and its relation to their Christian image, Soul Glow Activatur stated "They want Sandi Patty all over again. They want Amy Grant. And most times, it's people that don't understand new art, new videos... We want to make music that is for God, but at the same time, we want to make music that people enjoy and that they're not turned off by."[19]

[edit] Band members

[edit] Current members
Solomon Olds a.k.a Soul Glow Activatur (2004-present) - lead vocals/guitar
Jacob Olds a.k.a Crouton (2004-present) - drums/vocals
Josh Olds a.k.a Phatty (2004-present) - bass/vocals (married to Jessica Wheat)
Nathan a.k.a Nadaddy (2004-present) - keytar/turntables/vocals/Family Force 5000/percussion
Derek Mount a.k.a. Chap Stique (2005-present) - lead guitar

[edit] Former members
20 Cent(2004-2005) - guitar
Steve Heimler (Early Ages) - guitar

[edit] Discography

[edit] Albums
Business Up Front/Party in the Back (2006)
Dance or Die (2008)
Untitled Christmas Album (Fall 2009)[20]

[edit] EPs
The Phamily EP (2004)
Family Force 5 EP (2005)
Dance or Die EP (2008)

[edit] Other Releases
Business Up Front/Party In The Back: Diamond Edition (2007)
Blingin' Blogs, Vol. 1 (2008)
Dance or Die With A Vengeance (May 19, 2009)[13]
"The Really Real Show: Season 1"

[edit] Notes
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[edit] External links
Official website
Family Force 5 Tour Photography
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wrong name | Reviewer: Becca | 6/20/12

in the bio above you had spelled "fatty" wrong you spelled it "phatty" when he has made it very clear its "fatty"=) i am a 5ver forever! i lovr them and there music! they are hilarius! they change up there music and the really real shows and videos they post on youtube are sooo funny! and i love how down to earth they are! they really get to know there fans and try to make them happy. also there music its great because its christian but not a boring turnoff kinda christian music! its amazing they have good messages in the songs without being to upfront about it! they honestly are and always will be my favorite band! 5VER FOREVER!!!!!!

I've never been to a concert!!!!! | Reviewer: Brianna | 1/3/11

Eellike I've never been to a concert but I want to go to one so bad and I want my first concert to be special so I want to go to a family force five concert but I don't want to travel if only they came to Aiken,sc

Cool dudes | Reviewer: Cat | 7/30/10

Saw them only a few days ago in a teeny venue in Belfast. I got autographs from all of them afterwards & talked for an hour about random crap. Such nice dudes. Chap Stique was so awesome, putting up with me rambling about shit. Even got a hug! It is so nice to see bands who meet the fans.

ff5 rocks my socks off | Reviewer: Mac | 12/23/09

Ff5 are amazing me and my friend have learned there dance on dance or die just for fun because we were pretty bored I love you guys tuns and I think it would be grate if you got to go to hills alive

LUV IT!!! | Reviewer: Jessi | 4/30/09

I luv FF5! their music is very unique from a lot of things i;ve heard l8tly. I really have just gotten to know them but i really like their music and style!!! sweet friggin names too; Chap Stique, Soul Glow Actiatur! how much better does it get!!!!

i am in love with ff5 | Reviewer: kelly | 2/8/09

i absolutely love the song radiator. soul glow activatur is my fav.i really wish i could meet them someday. i have them as freins on myspace. i think their amazing, and they r so great at what they do. i am a big fan...everytme i see ur radiator video i get so excited.
ily ff5

ultimate luv 4 them | Reviewer: demon screamer | 11/28/08

gawd thi spage anit been updated in a while 20 cent aint with them anymore he left and they got chapstick if you ever see these guys live you wil never forget it they are incredible and preform with so much energy and power theres nothin u will ever see like it the guys are all amazin at what they do and are seriosly fun and funky in personality with their new album they are incredible and i am addicted to them :D LISten

FF5 ROX MII SOXX | Reviewer: Im soo better than u | 9/14/08

I listen to them everyday + im known as sk8r gurl now thxx ff5 ill see u jonzetta and the secret hand shake in chicago at dance RAWR dance. and chap stique is in not brad allen eww who the hell is brad allen?

FF5 ROcks out RAWR | Reviewer: xxSkilletxFF5xFreakxx | 1/16/08

Family Force 5 is so awesome and i am going to their concert in Spring Arbor, Michigan on Feburary 15 with a lot of my AMAZINGLY AMAZING, EPICLY EPIC, AND AWESOMELY AWESOME FRIENDS! They have met FF5 but i havent just yet! I just discovered them in the late months of 2007 and i hope to learn more about them! Wooo hooo! I love you guys sooo much! Bye Bye for now!

THE ARE SO CRUNK!!!!!! | Reviewer: XANADU (wanna be) | 11/24/07

they are so awsome... and just a note 20 cent is no longer with the band CHAP STIQUE is no in his place... thier music rox and there must be at least one song you like because all thier songs are so different!!!

heyy | Reviewer: Alycia | 10/10/07


could you by any chance just make a wed site with your music notes in stead of your music lyrics? cause i have a project were im sopossed to copy one line of your notes and play it on drums and gutair. it would be really thankful.

awesomeness | Reviewer: AshleyDealyna | 9/26/07

I LOVE Family Force 5 to death!! I want to dance every time I hear them! I've got to go see them in concert!

my review for my gangstas FF5 | Reviewer: Doug Berger | 7/13/07

i personally love these mother fuckers to death i listen to them everyday love every song and i love how they update us on everything i was very disappointed when i found out they weren't gonna be at the warped tour in Detroit but then next thing i knew i went on there myspace and there they are saying hey mother fuckers we'll be there :) now I'm very excited you guys rock and ill never stop jammin

Family Force 5 <3 | Reviewer: Tabitha | 7/1/07

Mmk, so. . I've personally met FF5, and I have to say, they're one of the best bands out there. Honestly. They've got so much talent, I don't think they even know what to do with it! They're all amazing guys, they care shit loads about their fans. They're music is energetic, and fun to dance and sing to. Ah, I love them. [= And WHY don't they have any reviews?! Grr.


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