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Parokya Ni Edgar Family Dinner Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2012 11:00:00 AM

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You and we're family
Whenever we're together we are happy
We sing sang songs like ABC
We kan tu ten like 123

Be good be good
Sometimes we're bad

Do you wanna be good yes yes yo!
Do you wanna be bad? no no nino!

Hey mama hey papi hey brothers hey sister
Tell me what you want what you want for dinner

What do you want for dinner meat!
What do you want to eat pansit!
What do you want for dinner meat!
And it goes a lilsumthinlyk fried chicken!

Friedchicken fried chicken masarap ang fried chicken
Paborito koy pakpak and it goes a lilsumthinlyk fired

Fried chicken yes yes yo!
Mamon mamonininoni sa rap ng mamom!
Fettuccini yes yes yo!
Lechon c'mon c'mon

Papi would you like some sausage?
Nothing could be better
Papi would you like some sausage?
Than a family get together

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