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Dolly Parton False Eyelashes Lyrics

Last updated: 02/10/2003 08:28:18 PM

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Writers Bob Tubert, Demetrius Tapp
Copyright 1967

Folks back home think I'm a star now when they hear my records play
They say their hometown girl made good and should go long long way
Mom wonders why I don't drive back in that big fine car I own
Truth is I don't have a car and I'm ashamed to go back home
A pair of false eyelashes and a tube of cheap lipstick
A pair of worn-out high heel shoes and a dress doesn't fit
These are all of my possessions all I have to my name
And the record played in my hometown is my only claim to fame
I'm so glad that dad can't see me now his favorite little girl
Singin' in this dingy place on the wrong side of the world
Now I'm glad that I can't see the boy that offered me his name
For I was blind and turned from him in this empty search for fame
A pair of false eyelashes...
Yes the record played in my hometown is my only claim to fame

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