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Bright Eyes False Advertising Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

On a string I was held.
The way that I move, can you tell?
My actions are orchestrated from above.
So I swing and I sway.
Wave my hand. Kick my leg.
And it is always right with the music.
"Until all that swaying starts to make you sick"
For a song I was bought.
Now I lie when I talk with a careful eye on the cue card.
Onto a stage, I was pushed with my sorrow well rehearsed.
So give me all your pity and your money. Now.
"We used to think that sound was something pure"
If I could act like this was my real life and not some cage where I've been placed,
then, I could tell you the truth like I used to and not be afraid of sounding fake.
Now all that anyone is listening for are the mistakes.
In a house, by myself, I hear the ice start to melt and watch rooftops weep for the sunlight.
And I know what must change. Fuck my face. Fuck my name.
They are brief and false advertisements for a soul I don't have.
Something true I have lacked and spent my whole life trying to make up for.
But I found in a song and in the people I love.
They will lift me up out of darkness.
Now my door stands open. I am inviting everyone in.
We're gonna laugh, we're gonna drink until the morning comes.
That is what we are going to do.

Thanks to michael hansen for submitting False Advertising Lyrics.

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i am a strange loop | Reviewer: peaceandlove | 12/30/10

this song is about him being held by an idea, a string. he is held by it, it dictates his actions. it is a melody, something he can move to, that dictates his actions. but it is a cage, it is false, he lies, he must look to the melody for what he must say "the truth." he feels alienated by this melody that gives him purpose, because it no longer is the beat his life is in. and everyone in his life looks for the mistakes in that sonata, that fugue that is the life he is portraying.
in the end, he finds to melt the ice, to come anew, he must abandon his role, the song he is dancing (acting) to. he must be real, and let people in, which he can do, even though this string is not a soul or anything higher like that. to come out of the darkness he must just be, to love, and to be loved, and just enjoy himself and his company through the night

fffff | Reviewer: Dick Roll | 4/25/09

I like this song because it seems to reflect himself. Many people may find different ways to relate to this, and I do as well.
If I could act like
This was my real life,
And not some cage where I've been placed,
Well then, I could tell you
The truth like I used to
And not be afraid of sounding fake.

And the verses later on seem to relate to me as well very well.. The reason being that I do not feel like I am living my life the way I want to, but really there is nothing to reveal about a better life anyways. Almost like I was living my life with only small troubles before, but with the innocence being terminated as the years pass, life is not complicated or simple, it is just dull. I think that he wrote the song along the lines of that, in his own experience though.

Puppet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

I was thinking about this when I was listening to it. The meaning I took from it was that his music does mean a lot to him, and he doesn't want to be a puppet for some higher power and just play music to be entertaining. I think he really wants to speak to people. Which he does, to me at least.

Haligh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

I think this song is about the music industry
"Something true I have lacked"
That it's getting more and more shallow, just being about the money or something like that. I don't know, but that's what I first think of when i hear this song.

hmm | Reviewer: Kyler | 7/21/07

this song reminds me of me.
the part where he said
"Something true I have lacked
And spent my whole life trying to make up for.
But I found in a song
And in the people I love,
They will lift me up out of darkness"
because thats exactaly how I feel about myself.
I feel like nothing I'll ever do will be good enough for anyone else
so its like I have to sit around and write songs all day
because my words will somehow make up for it or something....