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Gabrielle Falling Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2001 12:45:40 AM

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how could I know when I first met you
I'd be falling in love, never wanting to, cause out of the blue you came my way
so lost for words, don't know what to say
it's a craving
feels like I'm misbehaving
feels like I'm going crazy
only you can save me
(chorus: I'm falling but I can't stop - can't stop
a little bit of you is never enough
feels like I'm falling - falling
feels like a new day's dawning)
try as I might I just can't hide
when you came you unlocked all I had inside
like a piece of puzzle that slots in fine
you came in my life and you made it right
just a feeling - feeling
it's not just my heart you're stealing
you know all there is to know
cause you've seen inside my soul
you're on my mind all the time, morning, noon and night
without you, without love, I just can't survive no, it's a craving
feels like I'm misbehaving, feels like I'm going crazy
only you can save me
(chorus x2)
can't stop, falling
can't stop

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