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BEC/Tooth and Nail Recordings group Falling Up is set to
release their second album on October 25th. The album
entitled Dawn Escapes displays the intensity of progressive
rock and proves Falling Up's radical style is not a
fleeting attempt at sticking to a trend, but a true
declaration of the passion they hold for their music and

Based out of Albany, OR, Falling Up originated nearly five
years ago while the guys were still in high school. This
was the dream of lead vocalist Jessy Ribordy, Jeremy Miller
(bass player), Josh More...

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Review about Falling Up songs
How I see | Reviewer: DM
    ------ About the song Falling In Love performed by Falling Up

Well,i see this song how a song to god,and/or your girlfriend,boyfriend,wife or husband,dedicated for God and that special person to you,i see that way in the song..I think that

Sorry my bad English,i'm from Argentina and well,i know some english

wat a broken hearted person nids | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Broken Heart performed by Falling Up

Awesome song!! its has a wonderfull combination and it really reminded mi that wat a broken heart person nids is nt to isolate himself or try to find content in worldly stuff but really open his heart to jesus and allow his great love to fill his heart as wat world the offers is a temporal healing in the surface whereas only jesus could bring true transformation and restoration in ones heart mind and soul

Is it really important what this song is about? | Reviewer: Lari
    ------ About the song Falling In Love performed by Falling Up

Well.. I didn't get the idea this song could be about god but i have to say it makes sense. Especially because of the last line "He comes to find you on your knees." But can you call god is the love of your life? I have to admit that I think that's kinda creepy. In my opinion this person is definitely about a person but maybe I'm wrong?
But still I think every person should interpret it for themselves!
Who cares if it was written for god or a special person?! Music is made to make the one who listens to it feel something.
And all the Christians can dedicate it to god and it's fine. And all the others can dedicated it to who ever.
This song is dedicated to someone we might not know but when we're listening to it we feel something and this feeling is dedicated to somebody out there in the world and this is what really matters! Not the person or thing they dedicated it to but the one we're thinking at while listening. At least in my opinion..

Love | Reviewer: Brandon
    ------ About the song Broken Heart performed by Falling Up

Lets Just Love, ultimatley thats what Christ Wants, Are not the greatest commandments to Love God with al your head strength soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as your self. Nobody is perfect and its a human and Godly right to have your own opinion and choice. God granted us that freedom, and when someone chooses to not believe thats fine, thats their decision. It also bugs me when people like someone below bashes someone who does not believe, How do you witness to someone by hating on a non believer, It should all be in love. Christ did not come for those who are saved, but those who know they are sinners. Love my brothers and sisters, When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

jesus christ 8| | Reviewer: monday
    ------ About the song Broken Heart performed by Falling Up

Rofl I love it when people get worked up over religious music. Not everyone has to like music for God. Hell, I listen to the band Red because of the lyrics-- not God. Matter of fact I'm an athiest and we can apply the lyrics elsewhere.

The same applies for every other band-- I myself discovered Falling Up through a Fullmetal Alchemist AMV and I do enjoy their music. That doesn't mean I'm going to freak out over every person that thinks the songs are about God. Sure, it's a religious band and a majority of their songs are about God and Christ, but it's also music. Music is a healing element on it's own, as is 'God' in many people's eyes.

So if you took the time to read my tl;dr, good. Maybe you've learned something.

As for the 'OMG JESUS' freaks here-- please remember, not everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is 'evil', we're all people just like you, but with different beliefs.

TO YOU STEF... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Broken Heart performed by Falling Up

To the Stef that commented below me: YOU are an idiot. You're so closed minded to the opinions of others and have the nerve to call them ignorant. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, art is interpreted differently by everyone. That does not mean that we have to go around bashing the opinions of others just because they are different. If the song is about Jesus in your eyes, good. If it is about a girlfriend in Jack's eyes, good. Don't go trying to force your ideas on others just because you are too stupid to realize how close minded you are. People like you are how Christians got their narrow-minded reputation from. So, now I kindly ask you to knock it the hell off. Good day.

TO YOU JACK... | Reviewer: STEF
    ------ About the song Broken Heart performed by Falling Up

To the JACK who commented below me: yr an idiot. This song is about JESUS CHRIST. He deserves this beautiful awesome song for HIS glory. And you said a GIRL is more deserving of it than HIM?? You, sir, are very ignorant. And you truly need to open your eyes and let GOD have HIS glory in music dedicated to HIM and not some random chick. I would LOVE to know what that girl has done that tops JESUS dying for us and saving our sinful selves. Seriously? Gimme a break.

This song is totally about God | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Falling In Love performed by Falling Up

ok all you people who think I and my peeps are crazy... calling us nimrods... really nice, real Christian like... anyway I'm not gona call anyone stupid but this song is totally about God. God is more personal than most people think. People think God can't relate to anything when he relates to so much. and tell me how can this be about a person: "all of my dreams and my passions are in your hands" do you put all your dreams and passions into a person? not unless you are pagan or athiest... and this is a christian band, they are totally talking about God! I not only interpret this song's meaning right but many others, i'm a poet myself and i think that i have a way of thinking that others find confusing. but hey even Jesus spoke in parables. lots of people listening to him were like what the heck are you talking about Jesus? They took him literally when he talked about such things as "living water"... anyway as I said before, I strongly believe this song is about our Father in Heaven.

Interpretations | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Falling In Love performed by Falling Up

I interpret this song as a love song because of the first stanza. "True Love" is also called "Soulmate" and I'm pretty sure he didn't just sing that God is his soul mate. I don't think God has feelings or tears to stop and I don't think he can "hope" that he gets hearts near. Finally, to let your "hunger rise" can be your need for someone, and God is always there.. I find it a little creepy to miss and be hungry for God..

THIS IS NOT A CHRSTIAN SONG. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Falling In Love performed by Falling Up

This IS about a relationship,like about a gf/bf/wife/husband.Falling Up is a Christian band,but take a look at this line:"I miss you every night, when I close my eyes".Well, nimrods, how the heck can you see GOD,when your eyes are friggin' open?! Do you pray idols or what?

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