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Fronted by former Escape the Fate frontman Ronnie Radke,
Falling in Reverse is a post-hardcore band based out of
Nevada. The band was formed by Radke while he was serving
time in Nevada's High Desert State Prison for a 2008 parole
violation. While imprisoned, Radke recruited guitarists
Derek Jones and Jacky Vincent, drummer Ryan Seaman, and
bassist Mika Horiuchi to help him realize the musical
vision he was creating in his head while behind bars,
meeting with his bandmates during visiting hours and
spending the rest of his time More...

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Review about Falling In Reverse songs
Blackskull | Reviewer: Stfu
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

This song the best i have heard yet escape the fate is alright but falling in reverse IS the BEST BAND THAT EVER EXSITED (not to mention flyleaf and evanescence) say u want cuz everthing that u say is BULLSHIT

Damn o= | Reviewer: isolatedshadow
    ------ About the song Rolling Stone performed by Falling In Reverse

love this shit it's the perfect mix of rap screamo and a little techno there at the end XD!!! you blow my mind Ronnie keep it up cause your seriously blowing my mind with how much talent you have!

People shut up | Reviewer: Shut up
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

People Ronnie Radek is a boss now he's rapping and all he's doing something right and that he loves and this song is awesome so shut the hell up no one cares of your opinion good job Ronnie keep doing what you do best

Oh noo.... | Reviewer: A Guy Who Knows Music
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

This song is awful, Ronnie shouldn't rap. He's become a sellout. Escape The Fate's new album takes multiple shits all over this. It was his mistake leaving. Dying is You Latest Fashion is one of my favorite albums of all time, why can't Ronnie go back to that. Stop kidding himself with this. One of my idols gone bad. :(

better than you. | Reviewer: hosskat
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

OK so what if ronnie has someone write for him most musicians do and if you think he does then why are you calling him a pussy and shitty because (supposedly) he doesnt write the music. also I think he is absolutely amazing and talented, not to mention gorgeous! and this "rap" is was more than likely written because of haters and jealous people that tweets him childish and crude responses. personally i never liked rap period but whether we like it or not, it has meaning. Ronald Joseph Radke will always have a special place in my heart, so before you bash someones name again do some research and go fuck yourself : )

haters can DIE | Reviewer: ShaneOmak
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

for all you haters out there, go fuck yourself. if u dont like this new kinda music dont type it in and listen to it. plain and simple. quit dogging on other peoples success. this band will always be 100X richer than you, aNd now adays money is all that matters. so please.. go die in a rat cave. peace

o.o | Reviewer: Voldemort
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

well.. I dunno... the logic in this is just.. perfect XD I mean, he's saying he doesn't care what we think then says he doesn't wanna be alone.. I guess (this is just my opinion) that this is kinda a way to lose fans.. I mean if their telling him they don't like the new song, isn't it kind of a hint that he's not gonna be very successful in this thing.. idk.. I quite like the song but that's just me..

FUCKING GOOD! | Reviewer: Annie
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

I love this song, the lyrics oh my god hahah

Well, there it goes. Your personal response straight up from Ronnie Radke in case you don't like the new stuff the band comes up with! Man, He's been in rap back when he was shitting in diapers, climbed the latter to the top and now he's shitting on rappers lol

To Darth | Reviewer: ThatOneGirlThatBetterThanYou
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

Do you honestly think you could be any better than him.? I doubt it so I'd just your mouth. Maybe he can't "write raps". Do you know how many artists have people write FOR them. Plenty. Do they get bashed on, don't think so. So what if Radke doesn't impress you. I for one, don't care. Actually, he is good. You are just too oblivious to see that. Why.? Probably because you're a one track minded screw up. You have to look from a new perspective. Oh, and I am pretty sure "shittily" is not a word. Just saying.

This song is great.(: It makes me so happy.!

Lay off on the hatin'! | Reviewer: Chelsie Evans
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Falling In Reverse

This song is pretty fucking catchy, honestly. No one cares what you think about his songs, if you like it then you like it. WOW SHOCKING! It's just an opinion. -.- I've been listening to this song on repeat since yesterday and I like it. Okay?! Okay. And yeah his life is probably better than the usual person's, that's because he's famous -.- and sings, and has talent. Which he gets paid for, which buys him his oh so awesome clothes, which also gets the girls. So just stop complaining and keep it to yourself. No one cares. :)

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