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Muse Falling Away With You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2013 06:44:48 AM

I can't remember when it was good
Moments of happiness elude
Maybe I just misunderstood

All of the love we left behind
Watching the flash backs intertwine
Memories I will never find

So I'll love whatever you become
And forget the reckless things we've done
I think our lives have just begun
I think our lives have just begun

And I'll feel my world crumbling,
I'll feel my life crumbling,
I'll feel my soul crumbling away,
And falling away,
Falling away with you

Staying awake to chase a dream
Tasting the air you're breathing in
I hope I won't forget a thing

Promise to hold you close and pray
Watching the fantasies decay
Nothing will ever stay the same

And all of the love we threw away
And all of the hopes we've cherished fade
Making the same mistakes again
Making the same mistakes again

And I'll feel my world crumbling,
I'll feel my life crumbling ,
I'll feel my soul crumbling away,
And falling away,
Falling away with you

All of the love we left behind
Watching the flash backs intertwine
Memories I will never find
Memories I will never find

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Yup. | Reviewer: Seaairuh | 9/22/13

This song is amazing. Matthew Bellamy has such a way with words. And honestly on the note about being real or take fans. Honestly the members of Muse really don't give a fuck how long you've been a fan. They do what they love and that's bearing their souls for thousands of people at a time,living their lives and making music.So we should all just shut up and quit the bitching. I've loved their music since they released Showbiz in '99. I was 7 then. And I'm 21 now. If you enjoy their music then enjoy it. No one else matters. Ktjnxbai.

My review emphasis on review, and other thoughts | Reviewer: Linda | 5/25/11

Umm, can I just say they're just asking for a honest review, not a big discussion (you can go to youtube for that).
I love the song, love the lyrics, and the meaning behind it. It reminds me of me and my boyfriend. I always look back on the lyrics whenever I feel like we're drifting apart.

I was 12 when I discovered this band, and 13 when I read the Twilight books. I fellin love with both and they make a great pair, but they also work well without each other's help.
I love how people sterotype others because of age. Might as well tattoo "Prejudice" on your forehead. Do you know any of these people? Didn't think so. You guys should be raving about Muse and its music not creating a big commotion. I'm sure this was NOT the point of the song. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it 'cause frankly no one cares.

Great song, weird comments | Reviewer: Jack | 5/5/11

Why cant we just all shut up and enjoy your song, if somebody doesnt like it, then why the hell are they commenting on the friggin lyrics, you all wasted 30 seconds of my life when i wrote this comment, I COULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO MUSE!

Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

This is a beautiful song by a great band.

On the point of the argument that went on here, i think it should be noted that arguing on the internet is like having an air guitar contest. Even if you win, you still look retarded.

18 year olds should know that.

Really? | Reviewer: David | 4/18/11

Everyone always tries to use ego; yet they have no idea how pointless ego is, I am 33 and have had many life experience in this short but long run at life. Music isn't about what you can obtain how old you are and who you're banging. The wonderful part about music is that it has the ability to touch people of all ages in different ways and convey what is needed for that PERSON at that moment in time regardless of age, sex and race. To have meaningless arguments over pointless agendas takes away from the meaning of the music.
So I say this to those of you feeling the music keep on grooving and don’t let negative asses ruin your appreciation of music.
Now to all you trolls who have nothing better to do than blast people who share how they feel about something just because they are young; have you forgotten what it was like being young and trying to come into your own?? Cause I remember it being a very trying time with many hurts and a lot of confusion, so stop being an asshole share your life experience and help educate the youth strive to be better….

Perfect from A to Z | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/11

I'm not 13 or 18 so I'm just gonna talk about the song and hope that won't get me cussed out ok :|! Matt Bellamy strikes again it's beautiful from the first chord to the fade outand just all around tear evoking a total 360 spin from songs like apocalypse please and the small print but every bit as gripping

Muse and twilight to 13 yr olds | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/11

Look I'm 13 and saying 13 year olds have been through nothing and our opinions mean nothing is bull. Personally I've probably Bren through more than most people your age so you shouldn't talk about things you dont know about. These lyrics are made for everyone, that why Muse has such a large fan base. I know people who I love dearly but I see taking the wrong path constantly. I'm forced to love what they become no matter how much I disagree with myself for it. Because of that this song speaks to me and yes I'm 13.

Also just because people like Twilight and Muse doesn't make them a fake fan. I knew if Muse since at least '04. BEFORE Twilight and twilight-mania. I'm not a fake fan because of that. Why don't you think before you speak?

Dear Phil | Reviewer: Sparky | 10/30/10

Guess what? Your opinions don't matter when you're 18, either. If you're SO OLD and SO MATURE, don't sit around on a lyrics site and diss a 13 year old. I mean.. REALLY? Of course... I have no idea what the conversation is about, but seeing an 18 year old just rip into a kid is embarrassing to witness. You're not in the real world, kid. You haven't even legally touched a beer yet and you're most likely living on someone else's money right now since you're sitting around on a computer writing lengthy discussion topics that are merely about how wonderful you are now that you can have sex with a 20 year old/buy cigarettes/buy porn/etc.
Age really IS just a number. And seeing that whole 'Respect Your Elders' bit just rubbed me the wrong way.
You're NOT an elder. You're an 18 year old. I mean.. seriously...

Although.. yes... it shouldn't matter where you discover your musical taste. Bringing age into the discussion, though, is tasteless.

.. | Reviewer: oh god.. | 10/28/10

Phil: *facepalm*
I got your point in some way but why are you so.. ehm.. rude? and how can you say to anybody that "youre nobody so stfu" even if he's 13?
Actually, looking back, when I was 13 I experienced so much pain you maybe cannot even imagine, and I was more *mature* than the others who were the same age as me. and being 18 doesnt make you automatically wise and stuff... age is just a number.

*sigh* | Reviewer: Bananas | 10/1/10

The fact that we are 13 has nothing to do with how we see the world. A 13 year old could have felt more pain or loss in their life than someone that is 60 years old. These lyrics could mean more to someone of 13 years of age than someone who hadn't experienced this stuff but is older. I don't understand why we can't just love the song, enjoy that fact it is beautiful and speaks to so many, no matter what their age. Muse makes their music, and they do it for their fans...I am sure they don't discriminate against their age, young or old. I love Muse, I am 13, and very proud to say I know every one of their songs. Twilight or no twilight, Muse would've gotten picked by some other movie franchise, their songs have been used on other movies, and just because someone discovered it from Twilight, doesn't mean they are any less of a fan than we are. So shut your mouths and enjoy this brilliant song!

Falling Away With You...not bloody twilight.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/10

Eurgh...STOP talking about Twilight!! This is a beautiful, haunting song that is so sweet and has NOTHING to do with vampires, it's from the Absolution album which is far before Supermassive just appreciate the song, you either like Muse or you don't, so who cares why you like them, and stop acting like a bunch of douche...jeeez :)

am i doing it right? | Reviewer: garrett | 9/15/10

"Dood ur sooo fake I lolz at you for liking the same thing as me. I liked muse first lawl you suck and so does twilight because its for dumbs! I am this many years old * throws both hands up to count*. "

^truth mirror.

fuckin13yearolds | Reviewer: Phil Lauman | 9/14/10

Uhh okay,
so, not that I think im God or anything just because im 18 years old, but kid, if you're 13,
Tip #1 : shut the fuck up.
when you're 13 years old, you're fucking nobody okay? You haven't even gone through high school yet, maybe when you've gone through highschool and get accepted to a college or university, then you may start talking and people will actually give a shit about what you think.

When you're 13, no, your mind isn't even fully fucking formed yet, you're not sure who you are, and going back to the whole higschool thing, until you have survived a couple years there, YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED NOTHING. People go on this site to discuss lyrics and the meanings of them, what could a 13 year old brat who's experienced just about nothing have to say about them. These lyrics are about losing love, and how devastating it is, but you wouldn't know the first fucking thing about that would you. So until you have are worthy of respect, shut your fucking mouth.

TIP # 2
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING INSIDE AT THE COMPUTER? you're fucking 13 years old, go outside and chill with your friends, I don't give a fuck about what century it is, and whtther technology is the cool thing now, it is for everyone, but let me tell you. Those old granpas you call parents aren't wrong when they tell you to soak up every fucking minute of childhood you can get, because once you get older, you're lucky to get enough time off school or work to have some fun. so get the fuck off the computer, and go find something purposeful to do.

I am not going to say this again, when you're thirteen, your opinions don't count, they have next to no weight, and nobody gives a fuck about them. When you're older however, you actually have the experience to say something that has some fucking meaning, which is something that people, especially 13 year old brats, should learn to fucking respect. It isn't bullshit when you let an older person sit down on the bus, its common courtesy because they're older than you and they deserve your respect. Its the same deal here, so don't go saying fuck you to people when they're older than you, you're supposed to respect what they're saying.

Punklara, it doesn't matter where the fuck people get their liking of a band, or movie, or book, or fucking anything. If they like it, mind your own business and shut the fuck up, especially when nobody gives a damn about what you think. If you want to contribute something to what you think about the meaning of these lyrics (and since you're 13 i doubt it's useful at all) then do so calmly, and don't go yelling at people about they're source of music, or where they learned about a band. Its people like you that give me a headache.

God, its like the world is filled with a bunch of fucking idiots who don't know how to appreciate music anymore. The site is about discussing meaning of the lyrics, not heckling people about what they like.

fuck twilight | Reviewer: me | 9/13/10

Alright. Im 13, muse are my favourite band and im pissed off with everyone thinking me twilight when they here them play. I personaly enjoyed twilight but muse shouldn't be known as "that band that played in twilight". But on a different note, the song meglomania's lyrics at one point say "the good news is she cant have babies, and wont accept gifts from me". Now thats pretty fucked up. I think im mature enough to understand that the lyrics to most muse songs have a meanging of some sort but, dude, what the fuck.

Huh. | Reviewer: Taz | 9/7/10

So, not sure if that was directed at me specifically, but I can sure as hell say that my comment wasn't directed at you. I'm sure you love Muse and hate Twilight. Go ahead and do just that, I don't care.

I never SAID you were all the same. I never said I knew everything because I was older. She brought it up first, so I commented. So stop judging ME, why don't you?

Anne Rice's and Bram Stoker's vampires are obviously much better developed, literate characters. Never said they weren't. I just absolutely hate it when people say"fuck u ur a fake fan" to other people who just wanted to comment on some fucking lyrics and say how much they loved a band!

I told PUNKLARA to mature, and I told PUNKLARA to relax, not YOU, although if you're going to jump in and throw things totally out of proportion, maybe you need to as well.