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Ensign Fallen Lyrics

Last updated: 09/16/2003 03:38:14 AM

So much left unsaid
It抯 so hard to turn and walk away
I never knew how little time we had
The things I look for granted
All I let slip away
When I should have been holding on with everything
So here I stand
Before this cold and gray
This bitter taste
I can抰 wash away
Emptiness overwhelms me
I see pictures in my mind
Of what we had and what we lost
It抯 hard to keep focused
With the darkness caving in
And the silence is so loud
It抯 such a waste
The things we can抰 replace
When we抳e lost someone so close
Replacing love with rage
Now we抮e filled with hate
Mourning our lost days
The truth we can抰 accept
We choose not to face