Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Pete Wentz / Patrick Stump / Joe Trohman / Andy Hurley

"We would never have thought we would have made it this
far", confessed Pete Wentz, bass player and founding member
of Fall Out Boy. Here it is, one arduous year after the
band's incarnation, and they are gearing up to release
their debut full length, "Take This To Your Grave," on
Fueled By Ramen Records. This is just the beginning for
our fantastic four.

Fall Out Boy was brought to life a little over one year ago
but it wasn't superhero powers that got them to where they More...

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Review about Fall Out Boy songs
Before I knew panic | Reviewer: Virginia
    ------ About the song 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen) performed by Fall Out Boy

Before I knew panic at the disco I always thought the dude doing backup vocals was part of the band XD lol now I realize it's brendon urie that's so awesome.. But the story behind this song is so sad why would pete try and kill himself?! That's not a good way to stop how he felt...

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Natalie
    ------ About the song Alone Together performed by Fall Out Boy

My freind introduced me to Fall Out Boy a few weeks ago and I heard this song and DIED. Holy Corneilius Fudge I love it. Especially the line where he sings : MY HEART IS LIKE A STALLION, THEY LOVE IT MORE WHEN IT'S BROKEN!! Omg I love it. 10/10

EHRMAHGERD | Reviewer: Miaa :3
    ------ About the song I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me performed by Fall Out Boy

Listening to the song it think 'yeah,this is so fall out boy, yet another great song', then reading the lyrics, it just gave me a whole new outlook on it, so yeah, life lesson kids: read the lyrics!!!

PETERICK. | Reviewer: Elle
    ------ About the song G.I.N.A.S.F.S. performed by Fall Out Boy

Okay so to clear things up, the title stands for Gay Is Not A Synonym For Shitty. (Pete said so himself.)

I do believe that this is about Peterick. Maybe because I'm a hopeless Peterick shipper idk.

It does seem like it's about the lack of Patrick's love for Pete. I mean, Patrick does love Pete, but... not the same way. Anyway.

And "trade bby blues" who has bby blues Patrick. heeeh.

Meaning | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year performed by Fall Out Boy

I got into them when my best friend introduced me to them. that was way in 6th grade. im a freshman and ive just found this song. A bit early ik (lol) but i love it. the vocals are so different than their other songs. higher and less all over the place.

ps. Its about being stuck in the middle of child and adult and how no one accepts this or relaizes this or how hard it is. and how music is exaclty just what we need. and how we are the best actors, pretending to be what everyone wants. we want to travel but we have no resources. we are bitter because of our situation and feel "condemmed". we are also ashamed of our addiction to music, sometimes. we are "beding the trust" of adults. we have to decide whether to give in or just give up. are veins are about to explode. and maybe theres a bit of drugs involved.
Summary: we are in the middle and hate it here and love music and growing up is fricking hard man.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Where Is Your Boy Tonight performed by Fall Out Boy

I think this song is about a guy who was in a relationship with this girl but it ended and she has a new guy but the new guy doesn't see how special she is or doesn't treat her as well as the first guy could hence I'm still trying and that's more than I can say for him but that's just my experience because this song put my thoughts into words exactly after a breakup so I figured it was about that :p just my opinion though I'm not right.

^^ | Reviewer: Elle
    ------ About the song Thnks Fr Th Mmrs performed by Fall Out Boy

I love this song. They spelt it like this because they wanted to. Or some other reason that you really shouldnt care about. No, they are NOT uneducated. They're making/made hundreds of thousands of dollars. And DON'T try and analyze the song. Unless you have a PhD, I don't want you to tell me what this song as about, because chances are ( screw chances, I know ALL you "analyzers" are doing this nonsense) you just decided to pay attention to three lines of the song and smack your lips saying, "Oh, it's OBVIOUSLY about sex!" Or, "No, he was abused as a child!" For all you know, he could be talking about magical chickens replacing the lead roles of Star Trek 2.
From, Me.

Light em up | Reviewer: Melvin
    ------ About the song My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) performed by Fall Out Boy

I like this song ,music is just what it us. Music . Too many people try to make too much out if things and look for something deep inside the lyrics but for me I just enjoy listening to music

awesome | Reviewer: summer
    ------ About the song Thanks For The Memories performed by Fall Out Boy

Okay i love this song!! But i never knew that the chick in the video is Kim Kardasien!! She soooo dosent deserve to kiss Pete Wentz.

There is one thing that kinda annoys me: Patrick Stump is the lead singer yet he dosent get as much spot-light as pete. And Andy and Joe! I never knew their names until today! They also dont get anuff spot-light.

Dont just like the band for Pete Wentz like the music.

The critic | Reviewer: King trigga
    ------ About the song My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) performed by Fall Out Boy

Shut up!! This is an amazing song.. You probably don't understand what's going on because you may have not been in the position that many people such as myself are in. To us this is the perfect way to explain how we feel without actually telling how we feel

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