Fall Of The Leafe Albums

  • August Wernicke Album (3/22/2000)
    Into The Autumnsphere
    Deference, Diminuend
    I Feathe To The Juniper
    Machina Mimesis (In The Corner Cafe)
    Lectured By The Demons Of Dreams
    Wonder Clouds Rain
    Effloresce Black & White
    In Morning Mood A Utopia-Revelation
    Black Picture, August

  • Evanescent, Everfading Album (3/22/1998)
    The Celestial Keeper
    ...And The Heavens Fell
    The Garden By The Shoreless Sea
    Wings Of My Desire Untamed
    My Weeping Goddess
    With Each Fall Of The Leafe
    Within The Everfrozen Winternight
    Evanescent, Everfading

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