Falconer Albums

  • The Sceptre Of Deception Album (11/28/2003)
    The Coronation
    Trail Of Flames
    Under The Sword
    Night Of Infamy
    Hooves Over Northland
    Pledge For Freedom
    The Sceptre Of Deception
    Hear Me Pray
    Child Of Innocence
    The Gate

  • Chapters From A Vale Forlorn Album (3/12/2002)
    Decadence Of Dignity
    Enter The Glade
    Lament Of A Minstrel
    For Life And Liberty
    We Sold Our Homesteads
    The Clarion Call
    Portals Of Light
    Stand In Veneration
    Busted To The Floor

  • Falconer Album (5/8/2001)
    Upon The Grave Of Guilt
    Heresy In Disguise
    Wings Of Serenity
    A Quest For The Crown
    Entering Eternity
    Royal Galley
    Substitutional World
    Lord Of The Blacksmiths
    The Past Still Lives On
    Per Tyrssons Döttar I Vänge

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