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Falconer Biography

Last updated: 10/21/2002 03:44:29 AM

As the band Mithotyn split up in May '99 Stefan Weinerhall stood without a band but not without musical visions. He kept on as before, writing songs. This new stuff was based on a clear vocalist to have the leadposition in the songs. As 4 songs were written and recorded in December '99 the search for a proper vocalist began. After a while Mathias Blad was discovered and as he had heard the demo he accepted to help out with the vocals on the demo.

This demo was sent to different labels throughout Europe and after some time there was a couple of contracts to choose between. Since the demo was recorded with a drummachine Stefan realised that he had to get a real drummer if there would be an albumrecording to be done in the future. Karten Larsson (also ex-Mithotyn) was no problem to convince to join up with Falconer. Mathias was also enthusiastic to join the band on a more permanent basis since his former appearance in the band had resulted in an overwhelming response from people and finally resulted in a recorddeal with Metal Blade.

Finally in November 2000 the band entered the "Los Angered studio" with Andy LaRocque and Jacob Hansen behind the knobs. It was a three-week session for 1 hour of music, so the schedule was pretty tight. The band was very satisfied with the result in this cosy studio outside of Gothenburg.

The album that was titled "Falconer" was released in Marsch in Europe and May in the states. The response of the album was better than the band had expected, it got very high points in most reviews. The band did at the release of the album not have any plans what so ever to promote it live, that's why the small line up worked out. With the success came the wishes from the fans to see the band in live, thus the band gave the idea a thought. The decision was that after the next album they would hire some additional people to fill the line up. As the summer and fall went by the band rehearsed more material for the upcoming album. The music was pretty much in the same style but with some progress along the road of course. It seemed like the new album would be heavier than the first. One year exactly after the last studiovisit they returned to Los Angered. 9 tracks + 1 bonus track was recorded and mixed during the 24 days.

The first album had lacked of distribution in Japan but that problem was solved to this one. Soundholic was signed to license it and give the Japanese audience a cheaper alternative than an imported album. The new piece that's called "Chapters from a vale forlorn" is to be released on the 7:th of February in Japan and on the 11:th of Marsch in Europe and probably May in the US. The band is so far booked to do a short European tour in the spring and appear on the Wacken open air festival.