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Relient K Faking My Own Suicide Lyrics

Last updated: 01/25/2011 10:00:00 AM

So I've made up my mind
I will pretend
To leave this world behind
And in the end
You'll know I've lied
To get your attention
I'm faking my own suicide

I'm faking my own suicide
Because I know you love me
You just haven't realized
I'm faking my own suicide
They'll hold a double funeral
Because a part of you will die
Along with me

I wish you thought that I was dead
So rather than me
You'd be depressed instead
And before arriving at my grave
You'd come to the conclusion
You'd loved me all your days
But it's too late
Too late for you to say

Because I'm faking my own suicide
Because I know you love me
You just haven't realized
I'm faking my own suicide
They'll hold a double funeral
Because a part of you will die
Along with me

I'll write you a letter that you'll keep
Reminding you your love for me
Is more than six feet deep
You say aloud that you
Would've been my wife
And right about that time
Is when I come back to life
And let you know
I'd let you know (whooaa)

That all along I was faking my own suicide
Because I know you loved me
You just never realized
I was faking my own suicide
I'll walk in that room,
See your eyes open so wide
Open so wide
Because you know
Because you know
You will never leave my sight (you will never leave my sight)
Until the day that I die for the first time (until I die for the first time)
And we'll laugh, yeah we'll laugh
And we will cry
So overjoyed with our love
That's so alive
Our love is so alive

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Christian Contemp. AND Secular | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/11

You guys have obviously not heard many of Relient K's song if you think they are 100% a Christian band. Sure, they have a lot of Christian songs, and for many of their albums use a Christian Rock record company, but not all of their Albums are primarily Christian. Many of their albums are through secular record companies, and are meant for the mainstream Pop-Rock genre fans. Sure you can make them out to be a double meaning, but half of the time these are either coincidental or a last minute addition/edit.

very relatable and i love this song | Reviewer: Jonathan P. | 12/4/10

i dont think i know anybody that hasnt thought of doing this. i have many times, whether it would do any good is debatable but it makes for a good relating song. i didnt lk the song at first cuz he was taking suicide lightly but then i thought about it and i realized that i had thought about doing this too. btw relient k is awesome, i dont care what anybody says

Let's get this straight... | Reviewer: Matt | 7/9/10

OK, Relient K are a Christian band. I'm also Christian. However, this particular song HAS NO RELIGIOUS MEANING. It's about a guy who loves a girl, but she doesn't want to admit that she loves him back. There is no Jesus in this song.
About half (give or take a fifth) of RK's songs have double meanings and/or are religious. BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

enough with the arguing yall!! | Reviewer: graceeee | 6/21/10

this is just a song saying he loves someone and he knows that she loves him too but she doesn't realize it. thats it. there is no hidden religious meaning. there is not a hidden meaning at all. its just a song about a guy who loves a girl.

not good | Reviewer: mom | 5/7/10

Regardless of whether anyone has ever felt like pretending they were dead to get pity from the one who hurt them emotionally, it is wrong. It isn't healthy or biblical to think that way. I hope they didn't mean it to twist Jesus death & resurrection in any way. He is God's Son & has the Power of giving His life & rising from the grave & did it to pay for our sins & that we too may rise again & live with Him in Heaven. If, we call out to Jesus for salvation! =)

Really? | Reviewer: Olivia | 11/24/09

I recently saw relient K in concert and they are above all, a Christian band. They right novelty songs that are easily relatable, yet have deeply Christian meanings. I truly feel sorry for whoever the Anonymous person rebuking the Christian elements of the song. You don't have to accept it, or like it, but it's there. My very Christian mum thought that the song was not good, but when I pulled up the lyrics and pointed it out, she was forced to relent and it is now one of her favorites. As to the music videos, they made them for mainstream and the obvious meaning. Double meaning songs are totally awesome. Relient k has some really awesome songs that Christians and non-Christians alike can enjoy.

For those who don't seem to understand.. | Reviewer: Matt M. (Columbus, MS) | 10/19/09

Think of the person singing as "God" or "Jesus".

The only defense those that are offended by is the reference to these lines:

"You say aloud that you
Would've been my wife"

Am I the only one who's pastor has ever said anything about being Jesus' "bride"? Maybe it's because I'm Pentecostal, or it's strictly him that uses that metaphor. But you also have to take into consideration that the whole basis of Christianity is our "relationship" with Jesus.

Tell me, when you look at the word relationship, what do you think of? A significant other, obviously. It has a double meaning, and not only should this song NOT be denounced, it should be PROMOTED!

Thiessen wrote the song in a way that let Christians see the references, but also in a way so that nonbelievers would be able to relate to it.

And what if that nonbeliever looked up the rest of Relient K's songs, after only hearing that one? Then the seeds of faith have been planted.

In closing, I can understand the concern and speculation, but those who denounce the song have no firm ground to stand on. All you have to do is step outside the box.

Not Christian. | Reviewer: Logan | 10/16/09

This is directed to whoever put <3 as their name.

Okay, first of all you are just wrong to think
this song is about God. One reason is that they refer about wives and why would he fake his own suicide to get God in his side? That makes no sense at all. Plus Relient K went mainstream months before this album was published so they weren't even in the Christian genre when this album came out. And about "Must Have Done Something Right" being a christian song, that isn't true either. If you watch the music video it is clearly a girl that he is singing about, and he would never refer to God as "being out of his league". Your pretty much wrong in everything you said in your comment.

um..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/09

ok, I think they meant for this song to be kind of funny, and maybe for some people to relate, however, I think it is a stupid way to get into a relationship. Once they get over how happy they are you're not dead, they'll probably be really, really, really, really, mad at you.

christian song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

Just because relient k is christian and writes song about God doesnt mean every song is about God. Why would he say "You say aloud that you
Would've been my wife" That has nothing to do with God or Jesus. However, at the same time this song isn't literal at all. Its just the thought that people get that you feel others take you for granted. Once they think you have died they'll realize that they really do love you. Relient K is a Christian band but you dont need to take every single song and say its about God because its not.