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Ulrik Munther Fake It Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I swear you are on my mind
but I'm surprised to find you here
And I fear that the fire that burns inside
of me for you shines through

And so I'm gonna fake it

Maybe it's just my wounded pride
I'm at the point I can't decide
But I know, I'm running out of air
If you give me some hope cause
you know I'm down
You'll break me in two I swear I'll drown
And I know it's more than I can bare

And I'm gonna fake it
I'm gonna fake it yeah

So just behind my eyes the smile
It dies as I pretend
But I know that the time has come
and gone for me to let you go
Your way

But I'm gonna fake it


woah oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh so


And I'm gonna fake it
I'm gonna fake it yeah

that i'm gonna fake it yeah
gonna fake it yeah

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