Faithless Lyrics

It started in 1995 by Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss and
Maxi Jazz....they formed the band Faithless!!

The first guitarist of Faithless was Dave Randall but he
has left Faithless to start his own solo project 'Slovo'
last year (2000) His first album will be released in late
summer 2001. Nemo will play the guitars now on
Outrospective and can be seen on stage! Jamie Catto was
also started @ the beginning of Faithless and did vocals on
Reverence and Sunday 8 PM. He also wrote tracks. He has
also left Faithless to do his own things and More...

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Review about Faithless songs
Finally.... | Reviewer: Xyalon
    ------ About the song Liontamer performed by Faithless

Someone got the lyrics right for this song. It's important because a lot of people have placed "Contempt" where it should read "Content" which drastically alters the meaning of the song.

This is a very powerful and meaningful track, at the end of a very poignant album, which has been somewhat overlooked. Like a lot of Faithless' songs, and lyrics from Maxi Jazz, there is a spiritual undertone to this which should inspire both introspection (amusing given the title of the album) and thought on one's place within the world. One of my favourite tracks, and probably one of the most moving, on the album.

WTF? | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Reverence performed by Faithless

Who, why what and where the flying F¤5& do these "lyrics" come from?? would love to say close ... but ... !!! Lucky Rollo is not dead otherwise he would be turning in his grave in embarrassment!

An extremely important song. | Reviewer: GRACKUS
    ------ About the song Mass Destruction performed by Faithless

Most likely this song was inspired by the US Invasion of Iraq which began in 2003, and which by all rational accounts must be considered an unjust war. But the power of this poem is that its criticism applies to both sides of the conflict - ie a criticism of the inaction of 'good people' ON EITHER SIDE in the face of psychopathic leadership.

The obvious interpretation is this: the boy's father, a soldier, heeds his duty to fight an unjust war. It causes a conflict in the boy, because he is a child - "whatever he's doing, he's doing the right thing", because it's his dad! But other people (other kids in his case) see the war as unjust, and as usual they take it on the wrong people - the soldiers and their families, perhaps also the foreigners or minorities...'others' are always a convenient enemy used by the 'leaders' to deflect blame away from themselves. The true criminals go scott-free - the politicians, the leaders, the corporations and their lackeys and yes-men. These entities "prey on the people they're supposed to lead". The inaction of the masses of good people is the worst weapon of mass destruction. Those good people who pray and wait for their savior to make it straight - well their savior is pure fiction never shown its face in all the history of mankind... those good people stick their heads in the sand, and pray and wait, but they ain't going to nirvana or heaven. They've thrown away their power to make a difference, to act NOW, to fetter those 'leaders' and entities (eg GWB and DC and Halliburton, and Enron, Blackwater etc) that prey on us, that make your daddy leave home tonight to kill and die for them.

The second interpretation is that the boy's father is fighting a JUST war against a psychopathic leader who "feeds off the people he's supposed to lead" (eg Saddam Hussein). So the blame now goes on his people for not standing up and acting. Why his classmates would blame him or his father is unclear, except that they're suckers who fell for the propaganda (perhaps the children of a Stauffenberg would experience this?).

Ultimate cool | Reviewer: Petters
    ------ About the song Evergreen performed by Faithless

A wonderfully evocative song that, to me, epitomises the beauty and sadness of Winter. I love to play it when the snow is thick on the ground, and I am indoors in front of the fire, with a hot drink in my hands. You only have to close your eyes and listen to this to be there! In my opinion, the best thing Faithless ever did.

50 000 miles from home....? | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song Crazy English Summer performed by Faithless

Beautiful song but I just wanted to point out that the earth is only 26 000 miles around so if you traveled 50 000 miles from home you would only be 2000 miles or so from where you started.... Nerd alert! :)

dutch | Reviewer: eric
    ------ About the song Mass Destruction performed by Faithless

Adam you wrote (7/5/10) It's only in the last few years I've been old and wise enough to really appreciate what this song means. An absolute masterpiece of a song, with every word speaking the truth. The wall metaphor in the video is equally fitting - and sadly all too true.

For a dutch 45 year old male its not easy to totally understand the english lyrics, but i try. Yours are soo true. I totally agree. The older i get , the better in understand the lyrics . I am a big fan of faithless, and its growes, the more i understand the lyrics of the songs. deep respect for mj. grts eric

why there are 2 versions of the lyrics to "Insomnia" | Reviewer: Insomniac (for real)
    ------ About the song Insomnia performed by Faithless

Dear Johnny: The sing365 posted lyrics above are the 1997 Monster Mix (Radio Edit). The Radio Edit version comes in at 3:34 minutes. lordvader has provided the 1997 full length album lyrics and Monster Mix lyrics ("Reverence" 1997 US Release & Monster Mix version found on "Forever Faithless" 2005) that come in at 8:43 and 8:41 respectively - easier to tell versions apart by song length.
There are numerous mixes out there but these three appear to be the most popular. As all three are performed by Faithless, I guess they would all be "real" lyrics.

Hope this helps...

Underplayed! | Reviewer: Disco
    ------ About the song Music Matters performed by Faithless

I'm a dj working in Dublin,every time I play this tune it rocks the clubs I work, the voice of an angel Cass Fox makes this song what it is!! another master peace by maxi jass! Long live music matters

whether halliburton, enron or any1, greed is a weapon of mass destruction | Reviewer: Apache
    ------ About the song Mass Destruction performed by Faithless

I've been listening to n reading a lot abt M.Jazz n he's got wisdom

key to understand the lyric:
whether halliburton, enron or any1, greed is a weapon of mass destruction

his dad went to war coz of those greedy apes who r thirsty 4 petrol n power

Many get blindfolded like his dad n its sad

Media blindfolds us

Its the mind that is the weapon. The mind of those who design long range
weapons n the mind of those leaders who approves production n usage
of those technologically advanced weapons.

really nice lyrics | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song Mass Destruction performed by Faithless

I also find the part where he obviously signs up for service as well very interesting. Although he sees his mother suffering he follows the same path.

Now this is actually a quite important part. Not only politicians and rich men control whats going on, but also the common folk.
Breaking out of a generation-old hate or conflict is not easy thing to achieve.

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