Faithless Albums

  • Dance Album (5/18/2010)
    Not Going Home
    Feel Me
    Crazy Bal'heads
    Comin Around
    Tweak Your Nipple
    Flyin High
    Love is My Condition
    Feelin Good
    North Star
    Sun To Me

  • To All New Arrivals Album (11/27/2006)
    Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite
    Music Matters
    Nate's Tune
    I Hope
    Last This Day
    To All New Arrivals
    Hope & Glory
    Kind of Peace
    Man in You

  • Forever Faithless: The Greatest Hits Album (5/31/2005)
    Mass Destruction
    God Is A DJ
    Don't Leave
    Muhammed Ali
    We Come One
    Salva Mea
    One Step Too Far (featuring Dido)
    Bring My Family Back
    Miss U Less, See U More
    Fatty Boo
    Reasons (Saturday Night)
    Why Go?
    I Want More

  • No Roots Album (6/7/2004)
    I Want More - Pt 1
    I Want More - Pt 2
    Love Lives On My Street
    Miss U Less, See U More
    No Roots
    Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow
    What About Love
    In The End
    Mass Destruction - P*Nut and Sister Bliss Mix
    Mass Destruction

  • Outrospective Album (6/10/2001)
  • Sunday 8pm Album (11/23/1999)
  • Saturday 3 AM Album (10/1/1999)
  • Reverence Album (11/11/1996)

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    Reviews about Faithless albums

    Faithless - No Roots | Reviewer: DarkOrchid
        ------ About the album No Roots performed by Faithless

    This album is a definate thumbs up, it has an incredible mix of dance music including a lot of rhythm guitar and incredible lyrics. It is Faithless's third album and may not be as good as Outrospective but is fabulous. I also definately going to see them live, i've seen them twice. AND the lead singer blew me a kiss =) This album is well worth it.

    Fantastic music | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Reverence performed by Faithless

    Salva Mea...I defy you all to sit in your seats when this track is played, it can't be done. Top album.


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