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Faith In The Unseen Biography

Last updated: 07/22/2011

Hailing from Burgin, Ky Faith in the Unseen appeals to people of all religions, race, and backgrounds. Since the start of this Hardcore Christian band the goal has been simple "Ministry". As a band these friends have been able to do just that and play in venues large and small with signed national and unsigned local bands. Faith is a 6 piece from a small town with huge goals and dreams. The passion of this band is obviously music but the love is and always will be God. Worship shouldn't only be an action but a lifestyle, and also that in can be exercised in many ways. God has forever and clearly changed all of the band members lives and brought each one back from various backgrounds and lifestyles. The mission is to reach the lost of our generation by helping them do the same. They want to reach the unconventional crowd in ways that they can understand and respect. Music can influence and change lives, each one of us whether we know it our not are touched by music everyday. The melody you hum, and the lyrics you sing unknowingly play a large role in your actions and the way you think although you may be unaware. Because of this Faith in the Unseens music is filled with biblical messages and the truths of God. They speak of not only Gods love but also his wrath and the persecution that believers can expect to face. Faith in the Unseen worships through their music and they hope you can do the same! Music cant change the world but God can and Faith in the Unseen is here to prove it.