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The Old Ceremony Fairytales And Other Forms Of Suicide Lyrics

Last updated: 10/12/2012 08:21:45 PM

You let me down the winter heavy forest trail
I introduce myself again to know of you
But then the spring arrived
All red and full of life
You laughed and all the birds all align

Now fairytales and other forms of suicide
Can feel your head while poison gases cloud your eyes
But I for one can't see I found the one for me
The one to make me love the night

Well alright,alright,alright it's alright
Well alright,alright,alright it's

Now when you fall asleep and start to worry babe
And throw away everything you meant to save
Well I will wake you up and fill your coffee cup
With grateful tears and love unchanged

Well alright,alright,alright it's alright
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Well alright,alright,alright it's

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