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Fairweather Biography

Last updated: 08/13/2002 09:37:45 PM

Since the winter of 2000, this Washington, D.C. area band has seen fourteen different members, two destroyed vans and countless broken guitars. Soon after the release of their Equal Vision debut, "If They Move... Kill Them" the band hit the road nearly continuously in support tours for the record which included tours with Thursday, Recover, Dashboard Confessional, Piebald, Zao, Grade, Strike Anywhere and Further Seems Forever. Upon returning home in mid-December, the band has solidified its lineup and begun work on its sophmore effort, "The Treachery of Images". Dissatisfied and disgusted with the "emo" media frenzy, the second record is an attempt to distance itself from the palatable portrayal of contemporary punk music by blending the powerful atmosphere of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth with the angular percussive ideas of bands like Slint and Fugazi. With a two week all-house-show tour in the works and plans for several 7 inches and a single for EVR, it should be a pretty interesting year.