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Unearth Failure Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2007 11:00:00 AM

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What have we done?
Never thought that life would come to this
Eternal sense of self hatred
Blame not who, but ask us why we did

This is an open book of failure
Deceive ourselves all the we can, so we can be

Cycle of life disrupted
Halted by a force too close to home
Guilt runs through our blood
Close your eyes and let yourself forget

This guilt runs on and on
Consumed our senses gone

Torn; these wings of spirit
Godless relations
Scar this heart beyond all hope to heal
This being wont meet this world
I know I'll take this to my grave
All but saved

Die for us my child

This is an open book of failure
Deceive ourselves all that we can, so we can be

I walk each step in anger
Found fault in our design
Now i kneel down to pray
To plead for a better time
In hopes to awake from this

Die My Child

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