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LeAnn Rimes Fade To Blue Lyrics

Last updated: 01/25/2005 11:00:00 AM

I think I know the way this story's gonna end
It's getting to the part I hate, when heartache closes in
The stage is set, It's time for me to leave
Cause I don't wanna see the final scene

Fade to blue
We didn't make it through
Let the curtain fall

And fade to blue
We played the part of lovers
Knew every line by heart
But sometimes love just can't erase
What's written in the stars
So before the bitter words come crashing down
Let's leave what's left, and the let the lights go down

And fade to blue
We didn't make it through
There won't be a curtain call
And fade to blue

Almost happy endings have no way of coming true
Once the feelings start to blue
We didn't make it through
So let the curtain fall
Just fade to blue
And fade to blue.
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