Faction Albums

  • Epitaph [mini] Album (4/16/1985)
    I Decide for Me
    The Kids are the Future
    California Dreamin'
    The Brain

  • Dark Room [EP] Album (4/16/1985)
    Dark Room
    Let's Go Get Cokes
    Terror in the Streets
    Tongue Like a Battering Ram
    You Are Here

  • Corpse in Disguise [7"] Album (4/16/1984)
    Corpse in Disguise
    Friends and Enemies
    100 Years War
    Skate and Destroy (Live in SF)

  • Yesterday is Gone [7"] Album (4/16/1983)
    Room 101
    Eternal Plan
    Black Balled
    Yesterday is Gone
    Bullets are Faster than Words

  • No Hidden Messages Album (4/16/1983)

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