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Facing New York Facing New York - Paper Sheperd Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2007 12:00:00 PM

Here is your blue-print, now find a location somewhere beyond the lights of town. Laying foundation for permanent fencing without ever breaking ground. Gathering livestock, building an army, teach all of them to be content. Nourish their daughters to control their fathers, they wont even try to break the fence.

All of this and you're asking them to pick a side. Draw a line in the dirt close his eyes and decide...

Rather live in Rome than take the time to know what lies within his reach but he'll never get to see.

I'm so scared this time it feels like truth when someone's been lying about the news to me, has never been so real when i cant think and i cant feel...

Anything and you're asking me to pick a side... to draw a line in the dirt close my eyes and decide.


Shepherd don't you see you can leave your herd at ease? The sheep will never fly, no they wont even try... [x2]

Can anybody hear me? I'm screaming...