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Fred Hammond Face It All Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2012 12:00:00 PM

From my heart here is what I need to say
From now on and until my dying day
My love is here to stay,
My heart has found its place
You say you feel this too,
So whatever we go through

Hand in hand, we can stand and face it all
You're my heart and I'm your man, we'll face it all

To say our life will all be smiles would be untrue
We've had our share of heartache and pain
But our love has brought us through
So let's say on this day, together we will stay
If life is good and gold or if tears fall down our face

Hand in hand, we can stand and face it all
You're my heart and I'm your man girl, we'll face it all

We'll trust the Lord and He will be our guide
And we can face it all, we can face it all
Side by side, you and I will face it all, we'll face it all
Just keep your hand in mine girl
And we'll make it through whatever, comes our way
We'll take it day by day
Together you and I, together side by side,
We'll face it all, we'll face everything that comes our way
As long as we're together, I know that we can l make it
Cause I love you, I know you love me too
We can win, we can win, we can win girl,
We can win girl and face it all, we'll face it all
No weapon formed against us can ever separate us
If we believe and we should be, side by side, side by side,
We can make it girl, ohh we'll face it all
Ohh, we'll face it all
With every tear we cry, we'll hold each other tight
We'll trust the Lord, we'll trust Him to bring us through
Together you and I, hand in hand, side by side, we'll face it all