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Face Down (US) Biography

Last updated: 03/28/2003 11:09:37 PM

FACE DOWN® is a band that has released one full length CD in 1996 and have just released their sophomore effort, an ambitious dual CD offering, complete with multimedia. A band that has left everything they have ever known behind, to make a name for themselves, steadfast in their dedication and perseverance.

The first CD was Post Industrial Evolution.
The current CD is PSYCHOMAGNETIC and became available everywhere Spring 2001.

FACE DOWN®'s music is fresh and new, current with today’s times and ever-changing world. It is hard driving, youth-oriented music for the millennium generation.

To hear FACE DOWN® is only half the story. Their explosive and chaotic stage presentations are unparalleled by their peers and hypnotic in their effect.

FACE DOWN® has performed with many national acts and have received critical acclaim in several different markets and from several different sources – from college, internet and commercial radio, to motion picture soundtracks, from local, national and international print publications to television – and stand poised to transform not only the nation, but the world into their own personal breeding ground for the aural mayhem that is their signature.