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Fabulous Disaster Biography

Last updated: 12/31/2003 02:01:53 AM

A Bad Ass All-Girl Band

Cinder Block (lead vocals, excellent stage presence, goddess of the written world, ex TILT vocalist) Reverend Lynda Mandolyn (guitar, vocals, the cute one, ordained minister) Mr. Nancy (bass, jerk slacker of all trades, the one voted "Most Likely to Shove a Roman Candle Up Her Ass") Sally (drums, heavy hitter, mad scientist)

What do Fabulous Disaster sound like? Imagine sweet, sweet harmonies slipping effortlessly into torn, fishnet stockings of punk. They bring the fire. In their pants. Imagine an all-girl band that actually rehearses. Imagine an-all girl group that plays tighter than a rhino-sized butt plug shoved in a gnats ass who don't just stare at their instruments and plink. Imagine an all-girl group that uses vowels when spelling and knows how to twist the volume knob. Imagine a band that smells good and plays hard as fuck. It s all about sweet devastation and smeared lipstick. You don't even need a GED to get the gist of what they re singin about; songs skid and flicker like a pinball back and forth between revenge, gettin some, love gone wrong, getting run over by Volvos, and spiders, to good old fashioned angst. Ever wonder what would have happened if Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks got whacked aside the head, slashed by a broken beer bottle, had his blood mingled with both Jane Drano and Dottie Danger of the Go-Go's *, and through the miracle of DNA science, Beth Allen of the Loudmouths could clone a band/army out of her uterus? Wonder no longer. Fabulous Disaster has filled that test tube! (Lynda was in the all-girl band, Inside Out, who not only cranked out a Peel Session but happened to be the first all-female band to play Eastern Europe after the wall came down.)

An inauspicious beginning, to be sure, Fabulous Disaster started as a side project that Mr. Nancy (formerly of Fiction) had proposed to Lynda, Laura, and Sally (all formerly of Piston) to do for only one show. The estrogenical explosion turned out better than any of them thought possible. It s time to make candy references. Like jawbreakers, Fabulous Disaster are tough and can choke you if you try to swallow em whole. Like all-day suckers, they've lasted and been around a long time. All true, but Lynda put it best. "Believe me, we ve been at it for awhile. Let us say we re not wet behind the ears anymore. Well, maybe other places." Can I hear an amen, sister? Fabulous Disaster are like SweetTarts. Sweet and tarty. The best of both worlds. They have toured the world over with great bands such as the Atari's, Mad Caddies, NOFX, The Dickies, The Briefs, The RealMcKenzies, T.S.O.L., Propagandhi & Avail. Original Lead singer Laura Litter was replaced by singer Cinder Block in June 2003. The girls are eager to head back into the studio sometime in early 2004 to record their third record.

The product of the quest for shameless self-promotion, Mr. Nancy shoved a copy of their first CD "Pretty Killers" into Erin's hand. (Erin s the CEO of Pink and Black Records, which specializes in girl-fronted bands). Erin was so impressed she went to see them live. Not long after that, Fabulous Disaster became the second band signed to her label, and Fat Mike (whom the band refers to, quite affectionately, as "Daddy") produced both "Put Out Or Get Out" (Fat Wreck/Pink & Black, 2001) & "Panty Raid" (Fat Wreck/Pink & Black, 2003)