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You don't go from being reared in New York's
Bed-Stuy-housed Bevroot projects to being recognized by
Rolling Stone and MTV first time out - without a story to
tell. Fabolous's grand entrance into the rap world began
with some impromptu flow outside the PJ's, which led to a
hastily arranged audition for music-biz mogul, mixtape king
DJ Clue in early 1998. The only catch was that the laid
back linguist would have to impress Clue while kicking it
live for thousands of New York radio listeners tuned in to
Clue's Monday-night Hot 97 show. More...

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Review about Fabolous songs
Spectacular & mighty performance | Reviewer: Arinzehmoviç
    ------ About the song Ready performed by Fabolous

Tis an xmple of a legendary and down 2 earth musik that can take listeners 2 unimaginable new heights, Fab is cul n real blendin his flow wit the rhythm in a dangerous new style. I'll neva get bored wit this trak even if i listen 2 it a million times a day.

song is pathetic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

Let's analyze the depth of this tune:

He likes having sex with the girl on the side because she's willing and doesn't mind that he's married. He isn't ever going to leave his wife because there's no need to. They both lack any sort of willpower or respect for each other or anyone else to stop.
The end.
Wow, deep.

If you can relate to this song, then you're living your life wrong. Only reinforces the stereotype that women are weak and are willing to be sh*t on. BTW, you can't make a rule not to fall in love. Having sex is an intimate act, and guess what? Usually you'll develop feelings for a person afterwards, especially if the sex is good. (spoiler alert- sex is usually good)

Have some respect for yourself and quit chasing players. If you don't have respect for yourself, what makes you think someone else will?
Users probably see you coming from a mile away...

I can relate | Reviewer: sidechick
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

I have been in a relationship for the last 4 years with a married man, but i didn't find out he was married till 6 months ago so i can really relate to this song because i did'nt leave and it's a ongoing situation. I wish i could walk away but my heart wont let me!

??/ | Reviewer: faullen
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

well me and thiss dude have been messing around for a couple of months know he has a girl and his 1o years older then me im 17 so yea idk if to tell him im falling for him are no because he has someone so yea please give me advice :)

So complicated | Reviewer: Labzie lawal
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

Love has neva been so good to me.but am so lucky 2 fall inlove with diffrent girls and suituation is so critical cuz the two girls found out about the love i share and since then things has not been going my way.but dis song gives me many inspiration.emiem u're the best.

this song | Reviewer: bree
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

This song gets to me everytime this is how me and my sancho are hard core he's got a chick and I got a man but their is just something there between us the way we kick it and the way we interact with each other is just so much more then just a fling he got a piece of my heart and even though we argue A LOT neither of us can end it even when we try

My situation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

M situation is not exactly like this but I wanna put it out there and see if anyone has comments.....I have been seeing this guy for about 5 months, He told me from the beginning he was not ready for a relationship which was fine with me b/c I wasnt either. The problem is that he is also seeing a MARRIED chick with 5 kids blah blah blah....I dont understand why he cant leave her alone is been a few years and he said he knows she aint gona leave her husband sooooo WTF is the problem?? I dont get it but I cant let him go. I am just hoping he will leave her alone cuz it cant last forever. Right???

I can Relate | Reviewer: Yoni
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

This song I loved when it came out...but now I love it even more...kinda hate it at the same time because I can relate to it soo much. Yeah people will say your stupid for messing with someone who already Is involved, I use to say the same thing til I ended up getting caught up in the worse way. Started off as just sex buddies(even made rules..NO FALLING IN LOVE) then we became friends...then ended up loving each other. Now we are trying to break away but its sooo damn hard. Yeah ppl will say we are trif and we are insecure and all the other things mayb we are but its hard. Don't judge ppl and their situation if u never dealt with it yourself. My man or not I still love him and this shit hurts like hell. Also u gotta look @ it like this...what's so wrong in their relationship where he/she has to wander outside to feel happy....?

Like I said great song def makes me feel like I'm not alone in this.

i love this song. | Reviewer: alayah_eccleston@yahoo.com
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Fabolous

This beat is so sick who ever made it is really good and this is one of his best songs he made we need more songs like this like once i read the lyrics it made alot of sense cause before i was just listening to the chorus. but the story about the girl talking her and her husband that is such a good story im kinda going threw this and it makes alot of sense. i was wondering when i saw the video why is dating twins they look the same but i know now because the twins were two different people one was his ride or die and the other one was his wife but she wasnt adventurous like the other one ha this makes sooo much sense.

fabolous | Reviewer: aaliyah
    ------ About the song Girls performed by Fabolous

hi this is aaliyah and i can,t find twitter.com/fabolous girls it must not be on the compuuter so can you please send me back because i need help finding it so please please please send me back because i need to find it.

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