Faber Drive Lyrics

When Faber Drive decided to submit a song to Vancouver
radio station 99.3 The Fox's battle of the bands last year,
their goal wasn't to win the contest. They weren't even
sure they were good enough to enter. In fact, when frontman
Faber brought his band's CD to the station on the deadline
day for submissions, he came close to giving up and going
back home.

'I actually got back in my car and pulled away,' he says.
'Then I decided to go back, so I turned the car around and
I got up in the office just before it closed and handed in
the More...

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Review about Faber Drive songs
xysduazXeZhwmocy | Reviewer: Alejandra
    ------ About the song Lucky Ones performed by Faber Drive

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amazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go) performed by Faber Drive

this song is actually amazing, i swear. it describes how so many people feel now a days, and right now i feel like that. don't kill your kids life because you fight, just sort it out. don't blame everything on one person, just work it out. i love this song, it's probably my favourite.

Um...... | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song Obvious performed by Faber Drive

This is an awesome song but...umm....er....are you sure it's not "No we're not about to go and make the same mistakes you might've made"? I'm just wondering cuz thats hwo it sounds to me.

nice song | Reviewer: Charles
    ------ About the song Tongue Tied performed by Faber Drive

This is one of the good song of their album. This is a pretty good song with catchy lyrics. I luv this song.

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: elena
    ------ About the song Second Chance performed by Faber Drive

i love this song! its says so much, and in my life i can relate.

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