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E Dott Fa Ma City Lyrics

Last updated: 01/15/2013 07:51:16 AM

I’m fresh on the west side of fare,
With the best rides,
Driven by so calling employed, the boy in best jobs
Just walking and strutting, but I ain’t talking beyond,
Black hat and I’m cooler than a life supply free-on.
Plea on, a cruiser nigger, I fly, I need a ruller,
Middle fingers to the sky representing the two fucks I don’t give
Hungrier as a fat kid with no pack lunch,
Louse jeans so I yall cheese all that’s left here is to have fun.
Loud being violent, keeping a thousand like a half ton
Drawing burning wild, sipping like I’m blare on.
There were king grin like a palace, watch it turn on
Staff free, lord knows on a church he likes a turn off.
Bible next to burner with a netprint likes its turn up
College just a G shit was a street Gs that burnt us
Bad bro, never ski, ski, never PC or a Macbook
Draw off in a game causing more bread than a bad cook.
Live in half sum, half glad that I don’t run, I just snap back
When I punch in, only drum lights, no commercial, we just payback
But respect mine for the fake that my city on my payblack.

Got a feeling that it won’t be long,
So I’m on, I’m on, I’m on…
Imma do it for my city
I’ m on, I’m on, I’m on, I’m on.

One band, one sound, one mic, dum light
One line on a two live on a cloud mine, never come down.
Gotta feel me, still here and feel some niggers real re
Still drill for the groove, enter the zone as a real breeze.
Come back like I’m real real, eyes low, you’re still cheap,
Stay true like I’m Ray Lou, but I make hits like a melty.
Deep in, jumping in deep, slow baller, B&G.
Will son, here come the MC, niggers envy.
No, I’m never sleeping, dirty bitches jacking,
This is pimping so I’m writing in here that I’m deposing
These simple niggers envy, I’m like what the fuck’s the logic
The daughter gets my affection, so money is not the object.
I’m a product, a brand, you’re a gimmie, a stack,
A hater whose obsession made a delusional fan
My damn is true, mad fan you can do,
But expose it in public and probably wish it was you.
Large lane close

Got a feeling that it won’t be long,
So I’m on, I’m on, I’m on…
Imma do it for my city
I’ m on, I’m on, I’m on, I’m on.
Imma do it for my city, I’m on.

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