FM Static Lyrics

Trevor McNevan (Vocals),
John Bunner (Guitar),
Justin Smith (Bass Guitar),
Steve Augustine (Drums)

Ahh...summer. Windows down, a wispy breeze relieving the
sun's scorching sting, and a stereo blasting the perfect
sunny-time tunes ideal for singing along. It seems the
flawless setting for any balmy destination. But this is
Canada, not generally known for its summertime appeal.
However that hasn't stopped the Toronto four, collectively
known as FM Static, from writing the perfect summertime
anthem album, intended to heat up any More...

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Review about FM Static songs
14 years back | Reviewer: hummingjay
    ------ About the song Tonight performed by FM Static

i always here this song but was only able to understand the lyrics earlier this day. i did not like the genre kasi but when i finally able to digest every word, my jaw dropped. it was touching and reminded me of a boy 14 years ago who tried courting me (we were grade 4)... basted sya, what does he expect from a 10-year old girl who does not understand what courting/crush meant? we met again during college, we were both 18... he tried once more but i refused him again, i had a boyfriend then. we met Christmas last year in a simple get together. the story repeated, he confessed, i declined. then last month, we met again, another reunion of classmates. i left the event early for a business meeting, he walked me out of the resort and when we were few steps away from the main gate, he held my hand. (he actually intertwined his fingers with mine) i froze and was brought back to that very moment in our elementary classroom. after few seconds, he let go. i was caught off guard. the following day he told me, "gusto kita"

it took me some time to realize i was liking him now. but it's too late. i'm single but he's now in a relationship with someone.

maybe we're not meant to be... you see, we never meet... :'(

LIFE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tonight performed by FM Static

Whenever i hear this song it always makes me cry not because of a loss of special someone but because of the story behind this and because of the words that struck my heart its really hard to see someone gone and letting go is hard too but you'll never 4get that person it just feels like he/she is there but in the real sense he/she is not i miss my lolo and my tita so much but time wont come back!
I will always listen to this song !

Huhuhu im crying!
recalling the mem'ries!

Mmmuuaahhh | Reviewer: Thusut thurr zack rio
    ------ About the song Tonight performed by FM Static

Diz Is speacialy didicatad to mY elloOo Khelibo zhimomi*****
wenevr i listen dis song tonight by fm static *** wenevr i listen dis song i juz remember mY cwt elloOo kheli**zhimO......*****

vincent | Reviewer: luv cko!!<3
    ------ About the song Moment Of Truth performed by FM Static

lagi aqng msaya pag nrRinig q ang song n 2.'
couz my lyrics n nka rl8 sakin..
kea itong song n to ay # 1 s phone cko..
hndi q mkKlimutan tong kant n 2. couz teamsong p nmen 2 ng taong mhal cko.'xa nag pbgo s mgulo qng buhay.. wlang iba qndi xa lang "vinz" i love you..

highschool life | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moment Of Truth performed by FM Static

0mg,as i am listening to this song,reminds me of something,... actually,♥ its my crush,i was just in first year high school when i first saw first i just feel curious about him but, but when my friends notice that i always keep teasing my other classmate about him, they also teased me, but then i already know he's already my crush...but i dont have he's picture,but my only chance is the facebook of my school...b'coz they hav lots of pix of my schoolmates whenever there is a occasion in our school...
if you dont get it never mind it!
J.B thats the initial

F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C | Reviewer: Ginzkie@
    ------ About the song Nice Piece Of Art performed by FM Static

Oh my!! It's realLy a blisS of God. U rock fm static.!! >nice piece of art< i realLy love fantastic and amazing.!! U're the ONE, no hesiTating,u got it so freaking GOOD..

4ma hrt ranish | Reviewer: Aross
    ------ About the song Tonight performed by FM Static

I use 2listen this s0ng specialy 8 evening mizin mah swt hrt. . . . We use 2hav milli0ns of questi0ns abt us further. . .de w0rds realy hav da meaning that match up wid us n i lyk it much.

Review | Reviewer: KP
    ------ About the song Definitely Maybe performed by FM Static

Pretty great song about the guy who deserves the girl,yet never gets her.and why does it matter theyre a christian band? doesnt even mention jesus in the lyrics.its regular music to me.dont need cussing to make a good song.but if you want to by all means. and Chevelle was once thought as a christian band.. but never were .just had a christian lable for their first CD then found a new label

For my love Athri Joe | Reviewer: Hosea Pochury
    ------ About the song Tonight performed by FM Static

Whenevr i listen this song i always remember my Dear. This song by Fm static has a g8 deeper meaning in my life. I love this song and I play it every night mising my Dea...(ATHRI JOE)

A PoP fuckers. | Reviewer: Bert McCracken
    ------ About the song Nice Piece Of Art performed by FM Static

Im a big fan of Heavy Metal musics and its subgenres, and really pretty b0red listening to Pop sensible Ones.
But, when I hear this playin on the cockasucker Pop Radi0, I really appreciate its fuckin lyrics, I think it is best to entitled, "The Greatest Piece of Art of FM Static pumpkins."
I like this Pop Rock band. :-)

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