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Queen Adreena FM Doll Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2007 11:00:00 AM

[I turn my back on my mother's milk
But I want it back, and its already spilt,
I said get behind me cos the devil is on my tail
So to speak
I said someone's going to jail]

Take my doll put on her pretty clothes
Now don't you soil her dress
Now brush her hair, paint her lips like a rose
Now cover up your mess

Strip baby strip
Cause your daddy is watching
Strip baby strip
Jean Bennet
Strip baby strip
So your mother knows nothing
Strip baby strip on the nail

Someone said the doctor is my friend
The bruising is his cause
My soul to save
A smoking gun in bed
Behind closing doors

Strip baby strip
For the soul of your brother
Strip baby strip
For his wife
Strip baby strip
Cause you know she's not willing
Strip baby strip
On the knife

I lost my doll I put on my pretty clothes
No, I won't soil my dress
I brush my hair, paint my lips like a rose
I cover up my mess

Strip baby strip
For the soul of you mother
Strip baby strip
For her life
Strip baby strip
Cause you know your worth nothing
Strip baby strip
On the knife

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Love you Katie Jane | Reviewer: Snatchmo | 9/29/2007

I can't get enough of this song or the video that goes with it. Daisy Chainsaw were good but I think Queen Adreena are a cut above (no bad pun intended). I especially like the way the video was shot and edited. Katie Jane is an attractive woman and she just looks so great with that purple lipstick and dark eye make-up.

I love it! | Reviewer: Misa | 5/27/2007

this song is sooo great, I can't stop listening to it. Awesome!

ive seen her adreena | Reviewer: Soda dreamer | 3/23/2005

FM doll is an amazing song. I went to see Queen Adreena play live last night (21st March 2005) in Barfly Cardiff UK, they absolutely rocked and this song and kitty collar tight were the best songs by far!

(none) | Reviewer: sophie | 9/30/2004

I love this song, its one of the best songs Queen adreena have made, n i lurve it!!!!!!!!!!