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Jay Sean Eyes On You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

You can tell your girlfriends about me
It's about time to get rowdy
You know I wanna work that body
Come work it over here

You can be my brown-eyed beauty
And I bet you see right through me
You can do anything to me

You're so beautiful
Tonight anything is possible
And you know I just can't get enough
Of your love, so give it up

Got my eyes on you
Won't you bring that back to me
Got my eyes on you
You know where I'm gonna be
Got my eyes on you
And I see you checkin me
Got my eyes on you
And I like what I see

You can tell anyone about it
Show it off, no need to hide it
C'mon get a little excited
Excite it over here

Don't stop baby girl don't stop
I know you really like it when you're on top
Don't be shy jus give it up
C'mon girl!

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

Your body's whining
Bumpin and grindin'
Stop and rewind it

[Repeat Chorus]

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Jay Sean - The Love Of my Life | Reviewer: Nadia Ganie | 8/15/2007

Oh my gosh, you are the most romantic dude I've ever laid my eyes on and hey your song was so entrancing that I sing it everyday and listen to it over and over again along with your other songs, jay sean. My greatest dream is to be the lead girl in a music video with you - we'd look hot together. You're so flippin cute, i just always have my eyes on you. I want this message to go personally to the love of my life, jay sean. Mwah! Love Nadia.

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got my eyes on you | Reviewer: isabelle | 7/19/2007

hey you cute and i enjoy you songs gash you so hot and i really admire you very much and this song was ded to me by my botfriend his indidan an d you inspire me to write more songs so i can be a musician just like you

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