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Eyedea and Abilities is what you get when you combine the very best of two opposite ends of Hip-Hop's musical spectrum. On one end you have the M.C./Lyricist, Eyedea, who has proven himself time and time again not only as an extraordinary song writer, but also as a master at battling and the art of freestyling. On the other end you have Abilities, the D.J./Turntablist, who's talent from the battle, to the mix tape, to production has resonated on the underground for quite some time now. When you put these two extremes together,[ More...

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References | Reviewer: Kali
    ------ About the song Big Shot performed by Eyedea

This song is just so much fun to listen to, and after looking through the lyrics a bit closely, i realized he says "aint a hoe or a groupie, jane doe or a lucy", where lucy is probably a reference to atmosphere (listen to the song "fuck you lucy") and jane doe is most probably a reference to converge (listen to the song "jane doe") a hardcore punk band. The reason i point this out is because i find it amazing that eyedea listened to my favorite metal band ever.

Wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bottle Dreams performed by Eyedea

This is one of the most depressing, deep, and beautiful songs I've ever heard. The way this brilliant man puts everything together.. This can touch anyone's heart, the pure sadness you feel for the girl.
Michael Larson was so perfect.

A Murder of Memories | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Murder Of Memories performed by Eyedea

" i used to watch old man in the park. The sight slowly drove fright through my heart, wishing i could help but not knowing where to start"

Eyedea has a way of describing feelings that can't be summarized by 1 word.

deep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bottle Dreams performed by Eyedea

this song is really deep and makes you think about all the fucked up shit that goes on in this world. very sad and depressing but the song is one of my favorites. reminds me alot of another song called lost in time by unknown prophets similar concept about sexual abuse and a child that finds an escape in music

crazy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bottle Dreams performed by Eyedea

this is one of the deepest most fucked up songs ive ever heard.. the quality of the actual song sucks and lyrically he didnt put it togather very well but the concept/ story itself is crazy. and its depressing as hell lol i cant even listen to it.

one line is wrong.. | Reviewer: Tara
    ------ About the song Exausted Love performed by Eyedea

And in my scrolls (?) of junk drawer, I can't organize

It really says.. And in my skull is a junk drawer I can't organize First to come in last to leave will never be immortalized

The part that says in my skull he slurrs the skull and is kinda together so it sounds more like in my skulls a junk ...

Awesome song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bottle Dreams performed by Eyedea

Such a deep meaningful song. It's amazing how Eyedea can tell stories. Color My World is another example of how he tells amazing stories. THis song is such a sad song but it reflects some of what happens in our society. Our society has become to where stuff like this (not always as extreme) occurs. It's so sad that she was abused- then to add to that she committed suicide- it's terrible. Good song but very very very sad.

Thank You!! | Reviewer: Kathy
    ------ About the song Here For You performed by Eyedea

Thank you to Bill for sending me this beautiful song of enlightenment

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