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Do you see what I see?
Truth is an offense
You silence for your confidence

Do you hear what I hear?
Doors are slamming shut
Limit your imagination, keep you where they must

Do you feel what I feel?
Bittering distress
Who decides what you express?

Do you take what I take?
Endurance is the word
Moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd

Doesn't matter what you see
Or to do with what you read
You can do it your own way
If it's done just how I say

Independence limited
Freedom of choice is made for you my friend
Freedom of speech is words that they will bend
Freedom with their exception

Do you fear what I fear?
Living properly
Truths to you are lies to me

Do you choose what I choose?
More alternatives
Energy derives from both the plus and negative

Do you need what I need?
Boundaries overthrown
Look inside, to each his own

Do you trust what I trust?
Me, myself and I
Penetrate the smoke screen, I see through the selfish lie

Doesn't matter what you see
Or into it what you read
You can do it your own way
If it's done just how I say

Independence limited
Freedom of choice is made for you my friend
Freedom of speech is words that they will bend
Freedom with their exception

Do you know what I know?
Your money and your wealth
You silence just to hear yourself

Do you want what I want?
Desire not a thing
I hunger after independence, lengthen freedom's ring

Doesn't matter what you see
Or into it what you read
You can do it your own way
If it's done just how I say

Independence limited
Freedom of choice is made for you my friend
Freedom of speech is words that they will bend
Freedom no longer frees you

Doesn't matter what you see
Or into it what you read
You can do it your own way
If it's done just how I say

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Metallica | Reviewer: Alucardos | 5/29/12

Having Studied American History and Politics, and being a fan of Metallica is very interesting, made the studies more fun. Metallica is like an American dream. These guys were like a prophecy and at the same time a fulfilment of a prophecy. Revealing the scars of the past and revealing the signs of what is about to come lol.

It's about Lars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/12

The whole song is about Lars and the internal strife of the band after a horrible Puppets tour that left one member dead, and Hetfield breaking his wrist (and his arm at one point), and struggles to find a new bassist.

I'm joking, of course, but re-read the lyrics in that mindset and see if it doesn't nail it.

Metallicafan | Reviewer: Travis | 11/26/11

this song is about what is taking place in america today. it is about the new definitions being given to existing words. in the song lyrics I will demonstrate the meaning of the lyrics
Do You See What I See? Truth Is an Offence(Truth offends people. if I tell a woman she has no right to take innocent life, that an abortion is taking innocent life, instead of exercising her right to her body, she violates another human body and their rights, she perceives that as an insult or an offense)
Your Silence for Your Confidence( this means do not question your government but trust it fully instead)Do You Hear What I Hear? Doors Are Slamming Shut( this means our freedoms and opportunities are being taken away from us) Limit Your Imagination, Keep You Where They must(controlling those who speak out about the government is a tactic being used) Do You Feel What I Feel? Bittering Distress( if you really see what's happening in government it is not hope but increasing misery)Who Decides What You Express( nobody can tell you what you have a right to say, even our freedom of speech is being taken away from us) Do You Take What I Take? Endurance Is the Word Moving Back Instead of Forward Seems to Me Absurd( this country is not moving to spread freedom but to spread slavery instead)

Doesn't Matter What You See? Or into it What You Read You Can Do it Your Own Way If It's Done Just How I Say( this refers to the media, television and newspapers and all forms of mass communication are controlled by the cia)

Independence Limited Freedom A Choice Is Made for You My Friend Freedom will speak it's Words That They Will Mend ( this refers to political correctness, it is a completely political agenda, which is intended to say put your language to fit the political agenda)Freedom with Their Exception( you are free as long as it fits the political agenda)
Do You Fear What I Fear? Living Properly ( living the way god intended us to live, growing loving and wiser, is a threat to our political regime)Truths to You Are Lies to Me(Truth has been perceived as opinions and not definites)Do You Choose What I Choose? More Alternives( I can use to have more liberties not to have mine taken away)Energy Derives from Both the Plus and Negative Do You Need What I Need? Boundaries Overthrown Look Inside to Each His Own Do You Trust What I Trust? Me, Myself and I Penetrate the Smoke Screen I See Through the Selfish Lie( you were fine god inside your heart, and truth, when you do, you can see through the selfish lie, the smoke screen is the media, and the false reality that the government is there to protect you)

Doesn't Matter What You See Or into it What You Read You Can Do it Your Own Way If It's Done Just How I Say( I'll media is under political control in it does not matter what you see or read it is all 1 sided)

Independence Limited Freedom of Choice Choice Is Mad for You My Friend Freedom of Speech Speech Is Words That They Will Bend Freedom with Their Exception

Do You Know What I Know? Your Money End Your Wealth ( money does not make you wealthy, it takes away from your spiritual humaness, it causes you to grow in greed and selfishness, not a wise loving human being which is were we have ttrue value to contribute to the world) Your Silence Just to Hear Your Self(queit introspection reveals your true self- not necessarily your words or voice)Do You Want What I Want? Desire Not a Thing I Hunger after Independence, Lengthen Freedom's Ring( material things are not where our wealth is but our freedom instead, removing yourself of the desires of material things brings liberation, this is the direction we need to be headed in, this is what really brings freedom) Doesn't Matter What You See Or into it What You Read You Can Do it Your Own Way If It's Done Just How I Say( you are free as long as you are assisting the government in their political agenda)

Independence Limited Freedom of Choice Choice Is Made for You My Friend Freedom of Speech Speech Is Words That They Will Bend Freedom no longer frees you( the political correct way to say freedom is Control, the government wants you to believe they are spreading freedom when they are spreading control instead, not just in the united states but the entire world, checking your under pants before you get on the airplane is not protecting you it's violating your personal rights. Same old fashioned imperialism and colonization but a new name)

Doesn't Matter What You See Or into it What You Read You Can Do it Your Own Way (lars is brilliant and metallica have seen for a long time with this really happening in our government, not only do they rock, but they are brilliant)

1 | Reviewer: jamie | 9/15/11

this is so typical of any band people think they know what each song means ok the song is Eye of the beholder whats on the cover of justice and for all a set of scales etc, the song isnt about freedom its about someone not believeing in what you do and how you live meaning that you are not in control and doing the wrong thing and being sentence like being sent to prison the eye of the beholder meaning the person looking at you who controls you being the beholder its plan simple people james parents where very strict when he was growing up and didn;t approve of anything he done or acheived they starved him of encouragement and always tried to hold him back on his music or whatever most metallica songs root back to his upbringing, eye of the beholder, dyers eve, welcome home sanitarium etc if ya listen to the lyrics and had the brains to disect songs maybe do a degree in music youd understand

Do you see what i see? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

Eye of the Beholder is the epitome of what is wrong with the world today: lack of freedom. The government gives you the feeling that you have freedom, when in fact they control how much freedom you have. This pretty much renders the whole idea of freedom meaningless.

Eye of the beholder | Reviewer: Disastron | 5/12/10

It's quite ironic how you're all arguing on how the lyrics mean only one thing, you're interpretation of course, where the song, to me, seems to be slating that approach. The meaning of the lyrics are indeed, in the eye of the beholder.

If I may | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

Personally I think every one of you people are retarded, what with your horrid spelling and grammar that practically rapes the English language.

Seriously, though, why do people insist on discussing what they think the song's about? Is this not a music review thread? Review the music, people!

On that note, this song sounds badass, just like ninety percent of Metallica songs do. So there you have it, an honest music review.

Eye of the Beholder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/10

@ jesse , i get what your saying and i agree. James is my favorite lyrices. he said himself when he wrote songs like this and many others master of puppets ,one ect. he thought at the time it was just cool. but now later he realises there was way more to it then that. he under estimates himself. well in opinion metallica should of ended with the black album but thats just my opinion. anyways. i agree with what your saying but i have to say thats a bad example. because it's your fault for getting in a car reck and killing someone drunk because you should be smart enough to not do that and if you blame the store your just trying to get out of jail time. but like i said i get what your trying to say. i think it's more Written towards our limites and rights. They tells us "you have free speech" but what most people fail to see is by giving us free speech when we decide to speak up and try to get them to hear us. they don't have to listen and explain it away to the rest of the country and/or world that we're just crazy and do to many drugs and metal is making us crazy. it's things like that. or "you can do anything with your life" but there is a fine-print there. we can do anything we want sure but if we're not contributing to Society or feeding the goverment money then suddenly that little fraise they spoke when we were in 1st grade changes. "You can do it your own way IF it's done just how I say" thats what i believe he's refering too in that line. you can do what ever you want BUT you do have limits making them fucking liars by telling us this. you just have open your eyes start reading the fine-print in every law , all your rights and every new headline and it all starts to make since.

Perhaps the best song of the album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09

Eye Of The Beholder has very interesting lyrics concerning freedom of speech and expression and concerning democracy. Musically, the main rythmn and melody conveys the feeling of a powerful grudge. The riffs and drumming contain a lot of interesting subtleties and details that add finesse to the piece.

Eye Of The Beholder is a very an exellent song indeed.

many things | Reviewer: shane | 5/25/09

This song is absoluty a masterpiece. Hetfield will go down as one of the great poets of our time. A lost art. Think about it no one does this in our time. It is left to the song writers of the world to do. He articulates a view quickly, dilligently, and with raw emotion that anyone who listens to it imediatly understands. On may subjects as well for example FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, CREEPING DEATH, and DEYERS EVE. Just to name a few. This song is about mans inate understading that freedom is not free there is always a price to pay for it. And the fact that liberties are just a moment from being taken away.

flase prophets?!? | Reviewer: Jesse | 4/30/09

feed that bullshit to the people who come to your church, This is obviously a conceptional song/album of The Judicial System of America,

Independence limited
Freedom of choice
Is made for you, my friend.
Freedom of speech is words that they will bend
Freedom with their exception.

Example, You can buy beer from a Store/Bar, get wasted and that's fine, but if you drive a car and kill someone, that's your fault not the enabler which is the store/bar who sold it to you. No different from a man who would sale a crackhead a crack rock on the corner to make him self some money and to destroy someone else. "Independence is limited" "Freedom with their exception" being the Government/Judaical System. Preach that at your church, or better yet show them the DVD zeitgeist that's the real world, the world we live in. www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

flase prophets | Reviewer: christian 38 | 2/5/09

This one, as so many of Metallica's song are so general they can be applied to different situations. For me being a preacher, I can relate to the situations where some men pretend to be of God while subjecting others for their own monetary gain... to me this song represents a person trying to break ties to a cult. Might I also suggest King Nothing, as a compliment to this song

How they vote are you joking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

Who cares how they vote it doesn't matter, if you are a fan and have followed hetfields life you will understand exactly what hes saying its not so much political as it is life in general, how we are molded by our parents who have been brainwashed themselves into material goods and also who creativity is destroyed through the daily grind of bs that is the world today

metallica songs | Reviewer: steve | 10/25/08

if you listen to the lyrics in some of their songs
or read them it explains things that people go through in everyday life and also the little things not just what the song is based on. example: penetrate the smokescreen i see through the selfish lie.

wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

what? is it entirely possible that they arent talking about america? because this is the talk of an "ozzy osbourne" type drivel in his music and i happen to know for a fact that both james hetfeild AND lars ulrich both vote republican.
kirk hammet is an independent and robert trujjilo doesnt care.

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