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Eazy-E Exxtra Special Thankz Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

19 muthafuckin' '93
& I'm back in this bitch
Eazy muthafuckin' E, the hip hop thugster...
Shouts go out to those fake ass notorius...
Muthafuckin' wannabe's...
I like to say what's up to my bitch Dre. [laugh]
What's up honey...?
Hold on 'cause E makes some mo' money, baby.
& to that skinny ass, punk muthafuckin' main G ass Dre
Snoop doggy doggy dogg. What's up nigga? Dogg catcher's about to get ya...

Muthafuckin' mutt...
...& if y'all niggas don't know what's up
Y'all better ask somebody, y'all better ask somebody
Y'all better ask somebody. [laughing]