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Eazy-E Extra Special Thankz Lyrics

Last updated: 12/11/2007 10:00:00 AM

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19 muthaphukkin 93,
and I'm back in this bitch,
Eazy- muthaphukkin- E, the hip hop thugster...
Shouts go out to these fake as notorius,
ha ha ha, muthaphukkin wanna bees...
I like to say what's up to my bitch Dre, ha ha,
what's up honey...
Ho gone make E some moe money, baby.
And to that skinny ass, punk muthaphukkin mangy ass stray,
Snoop doggy, doggy dogg, what's up nigga, dogg catcha's
about to get ya...
Muthaphukkin mutt...
And if y'all niggaz don't know what's up,
y'all better ask somebody, y'all better ask somebody,
y'all better ask somebody, ha ha ha...

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