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Tenacious D Explosivo Lyrics

Last updated: 12/18/2011 10:00:00 AM

Call upon my faithful steed,
Then we gonna ride,
gonna smoke some weed.
Call upon my big-ass steed,
And ride, ride, ride.

What's the name of the song,
Don't know what it's about,
But it's good to go.
What's the name of my girlfriend
I don't know,
But she's built like the shit
And she's good to go, go,
She's good to go,
She's good to go.

We are fuelled by Satan,
Yes we're schooled by Satan.
Fuelled by Satan!
Writin' those tasty riffs
just as fast as we can.
Schooled by Satan!

We were the inventors
of the cosmic astrapode.
We've come to blow you away,
We've come to blow your nose.
We've come to fuckin' blow,
We've come to blow the show.
We've come to fuckin' blow,
You know it, you know it!

What's the name of the song,
Don't know what it's about
But it's good to go-ah!

I am not one of you. I come from an ancient time.
I am known as The angel crusher.
Take these picks that i give you were moulded in satans cualdron
take these picks theis souvenirs

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2nd best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/2007

sure This song is hardcore and it's one of The D's best songs but it rides second to Sex Supreme that song literally kills all D songs not even a fair comparison.

\,,\ | Reviewer: ldx | 5/15/2007

Tenacious D is the best band ever and this song fucking rocks!

amazing | Reviewer: epsi | 2/16/2007

i love it :O

but its very short :/ i also wish it had a longer text :D

also fuck her gently is very short :(

Want it live. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/2006

This is a great song! I first heard it on Space Ghost Coast to Coast in 2001 on the episode "Sweet for Brak" when Tenacious D were guests on the show. Unfortunately the song was only played for 15 seconds until interupted. This song is my favorite of Tenacious D's, the song has alot of energy and I would love to see it live but it is to short to really be an all time great unless they were to remix it with more lyrics.

the D is forever | Reviewer: Karyn | 10/12/2005

I think that this is my favorite D song. The D will live in my soul till the day I die. There are not on a plane with meir mortals, THEY ARE GODS.

THE SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/2005


greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/2005

this is the greatest song ever recorded during the era of written music ever in hisory. it is unchallengable