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Open your ears, brace yourself and step into a metal time
machine. The date is now 1982. Tom Hunting and Kirk Hammet,
followed soon after by Gary Holt, form Exodus. They
searched in vain for a frontman to complete their band,
until the fateful day Rich Burch introduced them to one
Paul Baloff. They became hugely popular amongst the
worldwide underground tape trading community. Within a
couple of years the metal scene is exploding all over the
world but the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, is
exploding with a new brand of More...

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Reviews about Exodus songs

SHKM / Post-Millenial Exodus | Reviewer: Luke
    ------ About the song Shovel Headed Kill Machine performed by Exodus

Shovel Headed Kill Machine, as an album, is awesome. It's Thrash Metal at it's best; breakneck guitar speed, thunderous drumming, vitriolic vocals; this song, along with the album itself, rumble along at an arse-kicking velocity. Gary Holt's lyrics are brilliant.

When looking at the post-millenial Exodus discography; starting from 'Tempo Of The Damned' circa 2004, then 'Shovel Headed Kill Machine' (2006) and it's predecessor, 'The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A' (2007), the albums clearly display a progression of Exodus' sound. Listen to them one after another and you'll definitely see what I mean.

The key question I pose unto you now, is whereabouts the second part of 'The Atrocity Exhibition' (named 'Exhibit B' funnily enough) is going. Do Exodus have a surprise in store for their fans and are reverting back to their '80's sound, or are they still in progression mode. Will '...Exhibit B' be like going back in time, or will it appeal to fans of ultra-fast Thrash, like myself? Either way, it's interesting to see what will come of it.

KICK ASS FUKIN SONG!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Deathamphetamine performed by Exodus

this songs is one of the best songs in history. fast, thrash, great vocals, amazing riffs, amazing licks, fukin kick ass solos

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