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Open the skies over me,
I am waiting patiently,
I'll wait for a sign.

As conspiracies unwind,
Will you slam shut,
Or free your mind,
or stay hypnotised.

When the Zetas fill the skies,
Will our leaders tell us why,
Fully loaded satellites,
will conquer nothing but our minds.

And I've waited patiently,
And I'll wait for the sign.

Carried through the centuries,
Secrets locked up,
And loaded on my back,
when it weighs me down.

When the Zetas fill the skies,
It's just our leaders in disguise,
Fully loaded satellites,
will conquer nothing but our minds.

And I am waiting patiently,
And I'll wait for the sign. (Yeah).
And I'm waiting patiently,
I'll wait for the sign

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What the fuck | Reviewer: Apimil | 10/19/13

The review right before mine is the one which is the most nonsensical on this page
It's not like "the gouvernment is conspirating against us to hide the alien truth" it's more like "The aliens are conspirating against us by making the government thing it's not a danger so they can hide it and forget"
good song BTW

Aliens - the truth | Reviewer: Robert-Daniel Jackson | 4/16/12

aliens are hostile creaturs ... they are the fallen angels , they are the annunaki and the nephilim . They are not your friends . They were secretly working with the government . The whole purpose of the apollo missions were to bring an alien/demon named apollo to earth to one day conquer it while embodied in a young , charismatic man ... the antichrist . When things started getting suspicous , NASA put out the lie that the moon landing was fake , so people wouldnt realize the real reason they went there.These aliens will actually claim to save us from the government and the elite/illuminati , but they are actually the rulers of the illuminati . The illuminati/elite will let the alien demons conquer them for the purpose of the greater evil .

Disclosure Project | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/12

Search "The Disclosure Project" and look at things Dr. Steven Greer has said, these Zetas are out there right now, infact, any star or dark spot in the sky can be an alien craft that "watches over us." And, these aliens are peaceful. If there were any hostile alien civilizations out there, our planet would have been toast by now with the technology they have, and even the peaceful aliens have that type of technology. Anyway, their technology cooperates with thought, mind, consciousness. And, the government has this technology like anti-gravity and infinitive energy to help fuel machines. Basically, we could have had floating cars 50 years ago and been off this economic crysis of fossil fuels and coal. The "Secret World Government" called Majestic has taken these technologies and kept them classified because they do not want the religious sectors of the world getting out of hand, and the big part, they don't want to move away from this multi-trillion dollar industry of fossil fuel. The government doesn't like change, and if this technology gets to the public, the whole world will change, and this multi-trillion dollar industry of oil will be gone and wasted. These technologies I'm talking about react with pure mind and consciousness, which every human being has. "Do they live among us?". Yes. And how these extraterrestrials get here through the vastness of space is through these transdimensional technologies which enable you to travel faster than the speed of light through consciousness. The government is trying to make us not want to engage with these beings by making fake sightings. The government is basically trying to make us believe that these alien civilizations are evil and want to "kill all humans" with images such as Greys and little green men. This is not true. And, how you can contact these aliens is through a meditation state of mind, and vector them to your area with your mind. So, after reading all of that, and by the way that wasn't even one twelfth of all the information on this subject, you must be wondering how this relates to the song.

"Open the skies over me, I'm waiting patiently.". This statement refers to when you are in the meditation faze waiting for an extraterrestrial ship to respond to your call through consciousness. Dr. Greer has clips from expeditions he went on where they contact extraterrestrials and you can see the "Zetas" or spacecrafts flying and zooming past the stars in the sky.

"...or free your mind..." also refers to the state of pure, coherent thought you must be in to contact these beings underneath the sky.

"When the Zetas fill the skies, will our leaders tell us why" refers to the extraterrestrial ships filling the skies trying to communicate with us PEACEFULLY. And the second part refers to the secret Majestic group covering up this information.

"Fully loaded satellites..." refers to the thing the ETs fear, us putting weapons into space, which is also one of the secret things our government is doing.

"Will conquer nothing but our minds." refers to how these satellites are also being used to contain our consciousness, which to me and Dr. Greer is debatable, but possible.

"I'm waiting patiently, I'll wait for a sign..." refers to again a person who is in a state of pure, coherent thought waiting for the ETs to make contact.

Here's an important part:

"Carried through the centuries, secrets locked up, and loaded on my back. Well it weighs me down." Well, this first refers to how the government has been keeping this secret for centuries (50 years). It also seems to relate to a person who works for the secret government group who has had many secrets built up inside him which is making him want to tell the truth to the people, but knows that he cannot due to the secret government literally owning him. However, just as a side note, the government does not own the people, and if we can rise up against this, they will have no choice but to back down and reveal the truth.

All of these things are also somewhat shown in Muse's other popular hit song, "Uprising."

This is of course a hard thought to get through your head if you just now heard about this by reading this comment. If you aren't convinced by me, and I'm not expecting you to be, search Dr. Steven Greer, or the Disclosure Project, or CSETI.

Also (Disclosure Project) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/12

The statement in the song where he says

"When the Zetas fill the skies, it's just our leaders in disguise.". He is talking about how the government is flying around in these man-made spacecrafts, which use the same type of technology as the ET spaceships, but they are not extraterrestrial, they are man-made. Infact, when people talk about getting abducted and there are cruel things being done to them by "Aliens," it is an attempt to freak us out by making us think that extraterrestrials are hostile creatures. THEY AREN'T! Infact, they are in some ways related to us. The government just doesn't want the people of earth to change there ways from where they are right now due to the financial losses and religious freak-outs. However, the earth needs this change in technology, because the technology we have right now is killing the biosphere of the Earth, and the extraterrestrials are trying to help us preserve the Earth, but it cannot be done if this secret government prevents the public from knowing these things. And believe me, the extraterrestrials are not going to let one generation of men kill the Earth, they will get this technology out to the people somehow. And I think this will happen sometime here in 2012, hopefully. And if not, it will not be far from now.

This song is in no way intended to be ambiguous. | Reviewer: tcaT | 12/10/11



1 The art or science of government as concerned with creating or influencing policy toward extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.
2 Exopolitical actions, practices, or policies.
3 The exopolitical opinions or sympathies of a person.
4 The total complex of relations between the human race and non-human, intelligent beings.

"When the Zetas fill the skies"

As with the song's title, this refers to Zeta-reticulans - aka alien greys, filling the skies with spacecraft.

The song is about the secret, long standing relationship the world governments have had with alien life.

As the song suggests, this will play out in time, but for reasons most will not be aware of. But to dance on the side of conspiracy, the agenda is hidden in plain sight.

Zetas are also a type of brain wave. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/11

He is telling you to keep your shit together when you begin to feel bombarded with too much fear. When you feel as if your world is falling apart, know that you have a choice. When you realize that you have free will, you will understand that no harm can come to you. Fear is a sickness.

It's almost time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/11

The sky is almost ready. Pbb is almost done. Do not believe the lie in the sky or you will die! Chemtrails are sprayed on us daily to prepare the sky for the hologram. The4G towers is for the sound to be beamed right into our own heads. Can't have a great show without a killer sound track

Seek Jesus Christ! Your only freedom and savior. Peace to all in these crazy times

You're all sane heroes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/11

Thanks to all the CORRECT interpretations of this song! I really learned a lot what REALLY goes on in our world. Just google some of the mentioned topics and leads to discover a WORLD of TRUTH.

Don't listen to anyone who laughs or gets angry about information: if somebody is not able to be RATIONAL about some issue, it means the person is mirroring his OWN troubles with digesting this information, projecting it on you. This is common psychology.

exo-politics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/11

i personaly reckens he believes in alien and he wants to say but waiting for when they recken its the right moment the sign. The whole loaded satelitates is the human 'star wars' program weapons in space, but they would be fruitless and just for are minds

You're all insane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/11

There is NO scientific data that reveals that we have been contacted by aliens.
IF there were, it would be KNOWN. Scientists are looking to make remarkable discoveries.
Don't you think that more papers on this subject would have been published?

Yes, governments are corrupt and manipulative, but not to the extreme that you psychos are talking about.

And who cares if the major religions are destroyed? It's all bullshit fairytales anyway.
Religions have been replaced for centuries.
I mean, just look at 12 gods of olympus...
That was replaced and forgotten.

damn... | Reviewer: Calmeister | 6/23/10

(Almost) every song in 'The Resistance' is about the NWO, and a few songs from BH&R link into 'The Resistance'. 'Exo-Politics' literally means 'outer-politics' -a political system that we dont see.

anyway, for the review :D

This song has a f&#@ing amazing intro and Matt's crazy vocals help it so much. He almost doesn't reach the note on the first "will conquer nothing but our minds" and it kind of works:D

Tieing only to their rivals (breaking benjamin) muse is the best band ever!

Project Blue Beam is a load of rubbish | Reviewer: enlightenedSoul | 6/20/09

It's definitely what the song is talking about, but if you go searching for information on the topic, you get a lot of very "certain" statements about Satan and the end of the earth and the destruction of Christianity.

How would they do this? According to the PBB people, it was supposed to happen (started?) in 1983... by the government creating earthquakes to destroy local religious landmarks so that they could then beam images of a new religious order, combined with using radio frequencies to control our minds and make us believe the holographs that are in the sky. This would then be used to create a new world government through a "process" called "Regionalism" (which is not actually a process... these dolts don't even know basic Poli Sci) where the government would ensure absolute control over the populations of the world by... get this... ensuring that no state in the world grew larger than 20 million people so that no one state could subvert the control of the NWO by virtue of the fact that each state controls themselves.

Following that? The argument is that by being small individual states, it would guarantee central control.

Oh and back to the new religion... that would obviously be UFOs because... well... we're destroying Christianity, right? I mean, that's where the UFOs come in... it just... like... makes sense... or so they say.

Come on people... this stuff is beyond the pale. I'm willing to entertain lots of possibilities out there and frankly, I believe some stuff that most normal people think is wacky and, in my opinion, most normal people really do have the wool pulled over their eyes...

But PBB is nonsense... I haven't even read anything that details anything actually supposedly tied to it, yet... it's all loose "we have the tech to do this" kind of stuff.

As far as I can tell, the central premises of the conspiracy are that:

- The antichrist is real and controlling the world and that mind-controlling technology requiring thousands, upon thousands of volunteers to operate is going to be used to control everyone else.
- That Christianity is supreme and that our understanding of religion is accurate.
- That anyone can get the countries and ethnic groups of the world to work together to ensure that we all dupe ourselves.
- That aliens are somehow involved, oh and the musical Hair... is somehow involved. Hair because someone heard a line that they tied to 1983 (which is obviously 1984 - 1, because George Orwell is regarded as a prophet, which he wasn't). And aliens... I really have no idea how they wound up here except by virtue of the fact that Project Blue Beam bares a striking resemblance to Project Blue Book... in name only, of course...

Oh My God... | Reviewer: Toria | 5/30/09

I read a few of these reviews, and a few of them mentioned something called 'project blue beam'. i had absolutely no clue waht that was, so i did some basic research. None of it is viable, and though I plan to find some viable information about this soon, it seems like that if you have the background facts,this song is black-and-white. For those who dont know, Project blue beam is a government project that will happed four steps.
1) discredit all relegious beleifs of every relegion on the planet, particularly Islam and christianity
2) Conduct a huge 'light show' in the atmosphere of the earth. Im not sure what is means, but step three is much more important.
3)where a 'messiah', made of all religons main gods combined will say that all of religion has been misenterperited, and all people will beleive this 'messiah' because our minds have been trained to do so.
4)this 'messiah'will tell us that an alien invasion is iminent, and that an antichrist has appeared to destroy us all. The alien invasion though, is 'good'. The aliens have come to save us.
these thoughts will be inescapable. A type of beam will exist that will enter are brains through everywhere-optical wires, telephone lines, television, etc.-as put in a slide show i watched "like an evil matrix"
To relate this to the song,

"Open the skies ocer me,
I am waiting patiently,
I'll wait for a sign."
Relates to someone who knows about blue beam waiting for the first sign of invasion, because they know it is comming.

"As Conspiracies Unwind,
Will you slam shut,
Or free your mind,
or stay hypnotised."
The 'conspiracies probably refers to the undoing of modern religion. 'Slam shut' means stick with what you beleive, 'free your mind' means to take in information and make your own assumptions, and 'stay hypnotized' reffers to having your brain taken over; when you become a zombie of the government.

"When the Zetas Fill the skies,
Will our leaders tell us why,"

This reffers to that when the 'invasion' comes, the government will play dumb, like they always have, and always will.

"Fully loaded satelites,
will conquer nothing but our minds."

Meaning that the only thing that we will loose in this invasion is ourselves, and that it is from within that we must fear.

"And I've waited patiently,
And I wait for the sign."

Again, this is a person informed about project blue beam. This person will be prepared when it happens, and will try to tell the world at the first sign.

"Carried through the centuries,
Secrets locked up,
And loaded on my back,
and it weighs me down."

This part makes me think that this knowing person is/was an insider with a hand in project blue beam. The secrets are the extreme secrecy of project Blue Beam, 'loaded on my back//and it weighs me down' means that this person has to carry the knolage that they are doing the wrong thing by making PBB. If isolated 'weighs me down' can mean that the person is preparing to expose the secret, because the 'weight' is too mcuh.

The refrain means something different this time.

"When the zetas fill the skies,
It's just our leaders in disguise,
Fully loaded satellites,
will conquer nothing but our minds."

I think that is is probably the most debatable phrase in the song.

I personaly beleive that this is an informal version of what the informed person is going to say to the public. Basicly "when the aliens try to take over, its just our government tyring to gain control over us through fear. They have satalites that will send pulses through our brains that will force us to beleive them"

"And I am waiting patiently,
And I'll wait for the sign. (Yeah).
And I am waiting patiently,
I'll wait for the sign"

The song end with this, and its another phrase of how the person is waiting for the first sign, so that he or she can (hopefully) save the world.

I dont nessicerily beleive that PBB is going to happen or even exists, but it's a highly facinating concept, and I sugjest you look it up. Read a few different sites, and make sure you've got the full stroy before you make an assumption though, please. Most of the websites you get off google are either highly biased, uninformed, closed-minded, or swung to favor a particulary political party.

Thank you for reading this unnessicarily long review, and congradulatiions if you actualy read this far.

Hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/09

So this song is about New World Order. "As conspiracies unwind, will you slam shut or free your mind, or stay hypnotized" is talking about the awakening of the human race and the unveiling of the NWO. Look it up, Matt is interested in it, so it makes sense that he would write a song about it.

ps. It is not about 1984. I promise.

No, it's not 1984. | Reviewer: D | 4/3/09

Osc, I've read 1984, but I don't remember any mention of the Zetas in there... I can't really relate this song to 1984. There's only one part of it that really could relate to it, and that's
"As conspiracies unwind,
Will you slam shut,
Or free your mind,
or stay hypnotised."
But that could relate to a lot of books and situations out there.

Plus, if you consider The Book 'the sign', it doesn't really make much sense, because in this song, 'the sign' seems highly anticipated, whereas in the book, it's hardly mentioned from the day Winston finds out about it to the day he receives it. In fact, I don't think it's mentioned at all. And even after he gets it, he doesn't read it straight away, so that shows that he's not THAT excited about it.

So, all in all, I disagree with you and the points you make.

Awesome song anyway. :)

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