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You took me home,
I drank too much
Cause of you my liver turned to dust
Cold rust tastes
Cold creeping cold pain
Do you understand what I mean?
When you feel your soul drop to the floor
Like a hole
Like an open bleeding sore
Then you'll have bled like I bled
And you'll have wept as I've wept

Suck me down, it's time to rock and roll
Lets hit the bar, lets lose control
One false move, you took me home
One false move, and you're all alone

But it looks so good and it feels so nice
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I paid the price
I'll cut you out just to hear you scream,
Get away from, get away from me
And I can feel my heartbeat racing,
As I realize what I must do
Get away from,
Get away from,
Get away from you

I should have turned and ran like hell
Last time I got a taste of you
I should have turned and ran like hell
And I'll say we're through
I should have turned and ran like hell
last time I got a taste of you
I should have turned and ran like hell
And I'll say we're through
And I'll say we're through

You fell upon me like a plague
Weakness sweet weakness
But I digress
After all this...
You're just like all the rest

Suck me down
It's time to rock and roll
Let's hit the bar, let's lose control
One false move, you took me home
One false move, you're all alone

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fakes and fans, shut up and enjoy the music :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

everyone who keeps on going on about their new style and how other 'fans' dont like it... all of you just stop arguing theres no point, just listen to the god damn music, enjoy it and they changed for u guys so i dnt no wat ur on about..... fakes....... i personally love atreyu no matter what, they write whats in their heart not what others want, they arent softer, they r the same as they were before just trying different things, and i love them no matter how theve changed becuase they helped me thru alot of things... keep doing wat u r doing atreyu <3 xx

Some people eh?@ wolfen | Reviewer: Synn | 11/19/10

i know how you feel wolfen, my ex was all happy then one day after one fight which happened to be our fifth fight in 3 years, she started acting different, then she started talking about taking a 'break' she's never talked like that before and the only thing i said to her after that was "what is his name?" she of course said there is noone else and a couple weeks later she left and i went to get starbucks and what do you know i see her with her new guy there and i know for a fact she was talking to this jan guy before, and then i knew all those feeling i felt were true, she didn't even wait a week after breaking up with me, in fact there wasn't really an official breakup, she just got some stuff and said never talk to me again. Some people!!!

ex's and oh's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

this song is freaking awesome! the guitar riff and drums in the beginning is so freakin epic, just can't get enough of it. The lead vocal sucks at singing clear tho, especially live, but he NAILS the screaming! Drummers clear vocal is awesome tho!

Atreyu | Reviewer: cleon 123 | 7/3/09

Atryu is a wonderful band,and all you people who dislike their new albums;you guys are fakes. Atreyu is changing their style and evolving intoi a new genre because people now a days prefer to listen to screamo and deathcore shit then heavy metal or hard rock. People are missing the point of rock n' roll,rocks about the music guys its all about the music

Atryu keep doing what you guys do because it really rocks.

maybe... | Reviewer: wolfen | 4/21/09

maybe life isn't the greatest and maybe things don't work out just the way they're supposed to but when there's things you can't control such as a fiance who you no longer can keep track of, you're stuck for good. and when you screw up... well... let's just say that anger controls you after you find out they dump you because you're being too f*ckin clingy which means they're cheating ON YOU WITH SOME RANDOM GOD D*MN GUY!!!!!!!! i'm just so angry right now and especially since i'm not going to graduate high school probably and... AH! i can't frickin take this much more. life is the only thing anybody truely has and anything else is just extra that no one deserves. the only thing anybody deserves is sweet sweet release. which is death. sorry for babbling. i just needed to vent just a bit.

Love this song. | Reviewer: Rory | 4/18/09

Sure, this song is different from what they've done before. And while I agree with a lot that .Villain has said, it's alright to say you don't think their new stuff is as good. It's your choice - but I think that change is good, if they didn't get a fresh re-paint, they could've just been lost in the mush of other bands.

I personally still love them and probably always will - I think the new stuff is fucking brilliant!

Good song. | Reviewer: .Villain | 4/11/09

Just a note to all you people saying you dislike Atreyu's new stuff: You are not 'fans'. Atreyu changed for you guys. You liked this song and The Theft the most off the album, so they decided to try and change so that you would like ALL their songs. You are not 'fans'.

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/09

I love atreyu's older music. it was amazing. their new stuff is ok, but it just doesnt fit them at all.

This song is about an ex causing the drinking. hence the name. and the lyrics. i know exactly how it feels. i have been there many times myself

G0D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

I don't care much for their newer stuff. i like everything before lead sails.. they got really soft. Don't get me wrong I like the lyrics but the way the music is played i think it doesn't fit them.

best band ever i oopps i mean atreyu | Reviewer: Cheezit22222 | 2/25/09

Atreyu is a kick ass band,i saw them play in Nashville,Tn and it was one of the best shows ive ever seen including Slipknot and Disturbed.The guitarist cant be beat and the drummer is amazing(not as good as all that remains)

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