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Hold it together.
Birds of a feather.
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer.
Spreading the cancer.
You are the faith inside me.
No, Don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.
Don't Remember!

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (Ahhh)

I'm a believer.
Nothing could be worse.
All these imaginary friends.
Hiding betrayal.
Driving the nail.
Hoping to find a saviour.
No, don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.
Don't Surrender!

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (oohh)
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (oohh)
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?

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Take it as you wish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/13

I'm a Christian, and I enjoy Breaking Benjamin's music. In my opinion, a lot of BB lyrics can't be completely understood unless you are Ben himself or someone close to him. That said, I think the Evil Angel in this song can be seen three ways: 1) the Angel of Death or something demonic, 2)An ex-girlfriend he can't let go of and/or someone he knows is bad for him, or 3) substance abuse, which is how I see it. Ben has Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome because of his alcohol addiction. Unless what I've read is wrong, he was still drinking when he wrote the songs for Phobia, and Dear Agony is the first album he wrote sober. Any way you look at it, this song is haunting. It's one of my favourites.

Evil Angel Review | Reviewer: WolfOfDeath | 2/17/13

I thought of it as being a woman, an angel to be specific and she would be his light side. But then she would spead her wings and would fly over him and become his dark side once she touched the floor on the other side. I thought it was sbout him doing to die because i thought that at the end she would take him with her and take him to his death.

Response to 5th one down. | Reviewer: Stubby | 1/29/13

I love how you are saying that this holds a religious message yet when you quoted it you conviently left out the sentence 'all these imaginary friends'. The song isn't supporting religion at all, instead it is actually saying that religion is bad. The song is about pain, the song is about trying to hold on, and trying to find something to do that. You look for a saviour to take away the pain and the misery and everyone seems to offer one, so many religions and all that but none of them are actually there for you, instead of helping you they tell you the saviour will look over you. The song is about wanting to end it, the evil angel is traditionally death, the song is about suicide, about a struggle to hold on, about needing somebody to be there for you and help you hold on.

A strange twist | Reviewer: Ccx55 | 4/14/12

I love all the deep suggested meanings for this songs.

According to Benjamin Burnley on his official forums, www.shallowbay.com, this song is not about religion or death.

It's about Benjamin's fear of flying. The "Evil Angel" is an aeroplane. It's really not what I imagined at all, but looking back at it now, these lyrics are hilariously twisted.

"Fly over me, Evil Angel"
"Open your wings, Evil Angel"

Sounds awfully familiar to an airplane, doesn't it? ;)

evil angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

I think this song represenst someone who is considering an evil angel as death and is talking about suicide. Suicide is a sin and that's the evil part of it and the angel part would be him "saving himself" from his problems

Evil angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/11

i think the evil angel is supposed to represent death and he wants the angel to kill him but he falls in love with the angel and doesn't want to die anymore if he can have the angels love but the angel cannot love him in return so he asks for death in the end.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/11

when i hear the song it makes me think of how at the end of the day, people with broken lives must go to sleep with the thoughts of things that haunt them, never feeling comfort when they lay their head

Saviour | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/11

In my opinion, this song has a strong religious message. Although they may not be the cliche Christian lyrics that we here today, they still give off a religious message. "I'm a believer, nothing could be worse. Hiding betrayal, driving the nail. Hoping to find a Saviour". We, as humans, are all superficial. And temptation surrounds us. In my opinion, "evil angel" is temptation. Whether someone is religious or not, their is always going to be right and wrong. "driving the nail, hoping to find a Saviour" means, to me, that we all look for a Saviour of some type. Alcohol, drugs, sex, lying, cheating, God, a friend, anything. This song seems to be dedicated to the struggle with temptation with everyday life. And our wondering why it is this way.

My take | Reviewer: Darren | 5/1/11

I think this song is about a man who has a life full of superficial relationships but void of any real emotional connections. It appears he is a man who has been betrayed by almost everyone in his life, and thus, he keeps everyone at a distance to protect him from the pain of betrayal. Unfortunately, this strategy has left him feeling emotionally empty and unloved. This song I think kind of represents a moment of realization for this man, it is like he has completely convinced himself that this is the only way he can live his life, even though he is aware of the emptiness this life brings. The evil angel I think represents the torture and despair he feels because of his belief that he can only connect with others on a very shallow level because of his personal defences. He desparately wants to connect with others in a deeply meaningful way but he knows that he will never allow himself to do so, and thus, he has decided to become enveloped in the wings of this loveless lifestyle.

My favorite song | Reviewer: Juan SB | 4/15/11

i think that the song is talking about the Dead, i mean for me is the story of a mean how have cancer and he is trying to get over it, and he ask to the dead a miracle or end his suffering, but when the dead is doing something he realize that he doesn't wanna die.

evil angel | Reviewer: payton | 4/5/11

to me it seems like he's in love with the evil angel but doesn't know that the angel is evil (why can't i breathe, evil angel?) and so this love is killing him but he doesn't know it because he's too in love to see it. my boyfriend hates it when i listen to this song because he says it too depressing but it kinda reminds me of him because no matter what i do he is always depressed and keeps thinkin i'm gonna leave him. no matter how hard i try to make him happy it never works so i just plug in my earphones and pretend nothings wrong and i don't want to cry.

wow.... | Reviewer: muffin van spazzmack | 3/15/11

Here i was... Singing this song to myself... I was thinking about puting "put me to sleep evil angel," as my status, and so i did....... Heh... I love breaking benjiman, because all of their songs i can somehow relate to. It brings tears to my eyes. Ohhh... And i got showed breaking benjiman by my one true love who has un intentionaly stolen my heart. This makes this band even more precous and eye watering, because everytime i listen to this band i think of him. <3 It somehow pains Me though to, Because he's ran away with my heart in his pocket... he knows its there... But eheehee =/ hes with another ^-^ Anyway.... Addicting song, so what else is there to say. It could bring great stories to your mind, just as it has. :D:D

reply | Reviewer: him | 2/20/11

what dakota said.. that excact same thing happens to me .. she only causes pain to me and i cant forget her.. im in love with another girl but whenever im with her.. it just overwhelms it.. it feels so weird.. we broke contct for 2 months and i had to cry every single day.. i hate this, and i love how the song reminds of good and evil at the same time.. ~<3

Driving the Nail. | Reviewer: Dakota | 12/18/10

I think the song is about a man who fell in love with a woman but the woman is not in love with the man because the man drove her away... So the woman hates him now... Because of that she turned "evil" so the man refers to her as an evil angel because she hurts him every time he is around her but he is attracted to her because she is so perfect... the man is left with his pain so every time he sees her and is around her is left with the memory of what he did... What he can't have so he's begging her to take him back or kill him.

Impossibly amazing. | Reviewer: Neesh | 11/7/10

I don't know what it is about this song, but it's so chillingly beautiful. I feel complete when I listen to it. Over the top? Yes, it may seem so. But when music moves you this much, you know it's a good piece.
Simply, beautiful.

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