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Brian Mcknight Everytime You Go Away Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2012 02:34:28 PM

Everytime that I'm with you girl
Can't believe you share my world
But it's real
And everytime that I hold you close to me
Forever is all that I can see
How it feels
See I don't give a damn
What my homies say
Don't matter anyway
See I never felt this way before
You leave a brother wanting more

I hate to see you go even though
I know when You're coming back
It's hard to breathe without you girl
And baby that's a fact
I know sometimes you have to leave
But I wish that you could stay
Everytime you go away

Fromthe very first time that I touched you babe
Couldn't find the words to say
You set me free
And everytime that I kiss your lips
Nothing ever tasted quite like this
what got so deep

See I don't give a damn
What my homies say
Don't matter anyway
See I've never ever felt this way before
You always leave me wanting more


You're the sunshine of my day
You Brighting up my night
You take A piece of me with you
Everytime you say goodbye

[chorus] x 3

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best ever everytime | Reviewer: prudence louw | 10/18/12

i love the song everytime,everytime i hear it it make's me cry constanly but at the same time it make's me smile cause it certainly brings memorys to me i love it brain mcknight i love u mwahs

Brian Mcknight everytime you go away lyrics | Reviewer: Lerato | 7/13/12

The is an error the lyrics are not done at the last part Sir Brian Mcknight sings which says "I know sometimes, I know sometimes I get a lil bit lonely without you girl and it might like its not about you and it may seem like its all about me and I know I might seem a lil bit self centered but I, I, I surly love your girl and I need you right her with me and I know sometimes you have to go away and I know that sometimes you gotta go and do your own things but early in the morning and late in the evening I'll be right here waiting for you girl.